Top 10 Ideas That Could Be In a Frozen Sequel

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1 Anna becomes a villain

I don't like Frozen the way it is at all. I hate it the way it is. I just wish it wasn't so set on Anna at all. I just think that Anna might've made a good villain and here are some reasons why she could've wanted revenge on poor Elsa for shutting her out, she could've obtained powers from the rock trolls and such. Elsa could've been the one who saved her by showing her about the true power of love, Hans could've been Anna's sidekick who tempts her. So that would've set the story on Elsa much more than ever and would've made it much more interesting than ever.

Personally, I was thinking that Elsa would gain complete control over her ice, snow magical, elemental powers and save the day but no instead they just had to make Anna the savior instead of poor Elsa anyway.

She never ever even really interested me at all anyway and I got really annoyed at how loud she can be just. I don't easily relate to her at all and overall I find her generally annoying to no/other end at all.

The idea portrayal of this pain in the butt as a main heroine protagonist really bothers me the most.

2 Prince Hans kills Anna and Elsa
3 Elsa dies
4 Elsa's kingdom gets repaired
5 Anna gets fire powers
6 Everything is made of fire
7 The Duke of Wesleton imprisons Elsa
8 Elsa Freezes Anna's brain

Humph! Anna would've been better off non existent anyway.

9 Elsa gets pregnant and gives birth to a baby girl with all kinds of power
10 Anna and Kristoff get married in winter

I’d love to see it happen - blackflower

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11 Elsa Freezes Herself

Worst nightmare ever so far of all time.

It happened.

12 Elsa makes ice dresses for her people
13 Elsa gets her love interest

I think they should let her stay single and independent. - Misfire

Hopefully lgbt. Let it go could be seen as a metaphor for comming out - blackflower

14 Elsa prepares a large winter ball

A wedding ball - blackflower

15 Elsa and Anna go into a reversed world and meet Asle and Nanna
16 Elsa has a malfunction and walks like she has 2 left legs and talks in reverse

I would not like to see that. - AaronCoolness

...I’m not even going to ask - Misfire

17 We learn Elsa and Anna's ancestry and how Elsa gets her power

Also happened.

I sure hope so - blackflower

18 Elsa engages in an epic fight scene.

Put those powers to use - blackflower

19 Arendelle has a Spring Festival
20 Prince Hans comes back for revenge

And he ships Kristoff and Elsa to a small island and Anna is forced to marry Hans. HAPPILY EVER AFTER! Cue the hysterical laugh! BUAUUAUAHSHAUUSAUDUSAAHAHA - FrozenisOverrated

No, he’s a bad character.

21 Elsa causes another winter storm and then she gives up her powers
22 The Duke of Weselton returns
23 Olaf dies

It's a complete nightmare.

No! What would Samantha say? 😭 - Misfire

24 Anna gets married to the Duke of Weselton
25 Anna's elemental powers

I would like to see her be fire... you know since her sister is ice.

26 Royal Reunion between Anna and Elsa and their parents

How? They're dead, unless they reunite in some sort of afterlife - TwilightKitsune

27 Simba from the Lion King comes and kills everyone

The lions will move to the kingdom and rename pride rock into sarasaworld

28 The wolves ate everyone and everyone saw the blood

Oh, come on! No need to be so brutal! - Misfire

29 Anna Becomes The Queen

Noice, it actually happened. - Misfire

30 The Duke of Weselton's henchmen defeat Elsa

Worst imagination.

31 Anna and Elsa's other long lost sisters of Arendelle born with elemental powers
32 The whole Frozen Universe is sucked into a blackhole
33 Elsa really "Lets it Go" and freezes the whole kingdom forever
34 Anna stays frozen in ice

Big deal, she's obnoxiously insufferable in the first place anyway.

35 Olaf melts

Another worst nightmare ever so far of all time.

36 Hans escapes
37 Rosalina from Mario kills Elsa for copying her dress and takes over Arrendelle

Elsa's death is the worst nightmare ever so far of all time.

38 A volcano erupts and Elsa tries to and fails to stop it with ice

The other worst nightmare ever so far of all time too.

39 Elsa loses her powers

Worst nightmare!

40 A big earthquake destroys the whole kingdom
41 Elsa's and Anna's parents come back as ghosts to haunt them
42 Elsa ends up with either Jack Frost or Hans
43 Hans apologizes and becomes a hero

Interesting. I don't hate him in general but I dislike the idea of him as a villain anyway especially all because those stupid creators of Frozen did whatever they wanted to him, especially used him as an excuse for Elsa and Anna to make up with each other.

44 Elsa meets a man named Mr. Hey T. Er and kills him brutally
45 Hans Marries Elsa and Becomes King
46 Kristoff Becomes King
47 It's Revealed That Elsa's Mother had powers
48 It's Revealed that Elsa's Dad was a wizard
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