Top 10 Ideas That Could Be In a Frozen Sequel

This is just a light list, not to cause hate so don't be a bitch and say "OH YOU UNGRATEFUL ELSA HATERS"

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1 Anna becomes a villain

I don't like Frozen the way it is at all. I hate it the way it is. I just wish it wasn't so set on Anna at all. I just think that Anna might've made a good villain and here are some reasons why she could've wanted revenge on poor Elsa for shutting her out, she could've obtained powers from the rock trolls and such. Elsa could've been the one who saved her by showing her about the true power of love, Hans could've been Anna's sidekick who tempts her. So that would've set the story on Elsa much more than ever and would've made it much more interesting than ever.

I rather wish Anna grew up to be less isolated away from Aren-delle without Elsa in canon. I rather wish Anna was a canon truer, more vengeful, fire magical villainess who becomes nothing but Elsa's more jealous, truer opponent/worst all time enemy and gets nothing but real revenge on Elsa for shutting her out for past thirteen years ago after Elsa's coronation party only once all of Anna's original, true, real, old memories of Elsa's ice magic and the childhood accident are returned to Anna back where they rightfully belong.

Personally, I was thinking that Elsa would gain complete control over her ice, snow magical, elemental powers and save the day but no instead they just had to make Anna the savior instead of poor Elsa anyway.


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2 Prince Hans Kills Anna and Elsa
3 Elsa Dies

Worst nightmare ever so far of all time.

4 Elsa's Kingdom Gets Repaired
5 Anna Gets Fire Powers
6 Everything is Made of Fire
7 Elsa gets pregnant and gives birth to a baby girl with all kinds of power

Elsa's daughter names can be Pricilla, Vixen, Snowie, or Savannah - TeenTitansGoSucks

8 Anna and Kristoff get married in winter

Even if it's cold, Anna will have this beautiful snow gown with fur sleeves and some glass heels with her hair tied up. - TeenTitansGoSucks

9 The Duke of Wesleton Prisons Elsa
10 Elsa makes ice dresses for her people

Remember when Elsa makes her dress? She could make some for her people. - TeenTitansGoSucks

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11 Elsa gets her love interest
12 Elsa prepares a large winter ball
13 Elsa Freezes Anna's Brain

Humph! Anna would've been better off non existent anyway.

14 Elsa and Anna go into a reversed world and meet Asle and Nanna

Asle and Nanna are Elsa and Anna's evil twins. Asle has black hair and a red gown and Nanna will have light blue hair and a dark green dress, Asle and Nanna trap Elsa and Anna in their world for a little bit, and then Elsa and Anna accidentally get trapped again in prison but then they bust out and fight the evil Nanna and Asle. - TeenTitansGoSucks

15 Elsa has a malfunction and walks like she has 2 left legs and talks in reverse

I would not like to see that. - AaronCoolness

16 We learn Elsa and Anna's ancestry and how Elsa gets her power
17 Arendelle has a Spring Festival
18 Elsa engages in an epic fight scene.
19 Elsa Freezes Herself

Worst nightmare ever so far of all time.

20 Elsa causes another winter storm and then she gives up her powers
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