Top 10 Ideas for Alternative TV Shows Starring Nicki Minaj

If you are as bored as I am right now, you will understand why I made this list. This list shouldn't be taken seriously. Seriously.
Feel free to add your ideas or develop plots to existing items.

The Top Ten

The Big Butt Theory

It's 2019, what the hell are you people even doing - BlarchBlaces

"Oh my God, look at her butt." - Britgirl

Original show - The Big Bang Theory - Metal_Treasure

Madlove THEPREQUEL version
- TheDuttyGyal

Extreme Makeover: Hoe Edition

You're telling me this ain't a typo? Cause if you did, I wouldn't believe you. Lol - Gg2000

Original show - Extreme Makeover: Home Edition - Metal_Treasure

Twerking With The Stars

Original show - Dancing With The Stars - Metal_Treasure


Original show - Supernatural - Metal_Treasure

This would be the one choice on this list that could get green lighted on Fox, NBC, CW, ABC, or CBS.

Goofin' With Nicki
How I Met Your Mother F***er

Original show - How I Met Your Mother - Metal_Treasure

NEIN! Das Idee war schrecklich! - BorisRule

Two and a Half Men (To Say Nothing of the Stupid Hoe)

Original show - Two and a Half Men - Metal_Treasure

My Little Anaconda: Courtship Is Magic

Original show - My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic - Metal_Treasure

The seX-Files

Original show: The X-Files - Metal_Treasure

Doctor Hoe

The Contenders

Hoe Whisperer

Original show - Ghost Whisperer - Metal_Treasure

Nick Anaconda

Original show - Angela Anaconda - Ededdneddyfanredux

My Little Phoney: Twerking is Cool
Fullmetal Anaconda

Original show - Fullmetal Alchemist -TheDarkOne_221b

Courage the Cowardly Butt
Nicki and Butt-Head

Original show: Beavis and Butt-Head - Metal_Treasure

The seX Factor: Pink Friday Edition

Original show - The X Factor - Metal_Treasure

Pokémon Minaj
Pink Panther and Pals: Booty Going Crazy
Lawn & Border: I'm Legit

Original show - Law & Order - Metal_Treasure

I Want to SM*A*S*H Cardi B in the Face
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