Top Ten Ideas for Bowser Jr.'s Final Smash In Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS


The Top Ten

1 Flies around at the top of the stage and drops giant cannonballs on his opponents

This would be a fun and powerful final smash. - Kevie16

2 Hops into Mecha Bowser and controls the giant beast to attack his opponents

This one would work very similarly to Bowser's final smash, so it would be very powerful. - Kevie16

3 Turns into Shadow Mario and forcefully flings a glob of paint at anyone horizontal to him

This would be a directional final smash that would be very similar to Zelda's. - Kevie16

Even Nintendo thought it was a good idea

Nintendo chose that

Clap clap
Good job
You made it to the game

4 Uses his paintbrush to slash at his opponent repeatedly very forcefully.

This one be a lot like Ike's, so it would be amazingly strong, and it would look really intense. - Kevie16

5 Hops into his ship and shoots a giant cannon ball across the stage

This one would be like Samus's. - Kevie16

6 Transforms into Shadow Mario, and all of his moves are powered up

This one is similar to Wario's or Charizard's. - Kevie16

7 Uses Sonic Roar to shrink all of his opponents and make them all much slower and more vulnerable

A little like Luigi's final smash in Brawl. - Kevie16

8 Traps an opponent and summons the Koopa Kids to maim them

This one is like most other trapping final smashes: Link, Ike, Kirby. - Kevie16

9 Creates a color portal with his paintbrush that sucks opponents in and then explodes

This is a nice idea. Kind of like Kirby's from brawl, with more knock back, and removed items.

This final smash would be much like Palutena's. - Kevie16

10 Drops Adult Bowser's Clown Car On Top Of His Opponent And Screams "WRYYY"

Well, Nintendo really loves Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. What can I say? - xandermartin98

The Contenders

11 Paperizes, heals himself a little and then hits an opponent forcefully with his shield

This is from the paper Mario series. - Kevie16

12 Giga Bowser Jr.

If this appers I will pass out from the awesomeness

13 Summon all Mario bad guys to make a one hit KO

Too unfair

14 Dry Bowser Jr.

Dry Bowser jr. Would be awesome

15 Boomsday Machine
16 Summon Iggy to then summon Alphys to then summon the Amalgamates
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