Top Ten Ideas for a Cartoon Network Show


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21 Mario vs. Sonic
22 Lost in Paris!
23 Jerry, Kirby, Sonic and Friends V 1 Comment
24 Adventures Wherever! V 1 Comment
25 The Emoji Show
26 Toddler Titans
27 The Adventures of Chicken and a Bear

There is a Chicken named dylan he is a punk rock chicken who thinks he doesn't need anyone in life because he lost his family and learned to rely on himself but later meets charles the bear that is not so smart because he was attacked by a hunter and Dylan saves Charles. Dylan decides to find his family but knows he can't do it alone he let's Charles tag along as they travel across the land in search of Dylans family, dylan and charles finally succeed on there journey and find Dylan's family but when they get there dylans family doesn't accept charles because he is a bear but when charles leaves, dylan discovers he has found something much nicer than his family, friendship. Refusing to let Charles leave dylan heads with Charles on a new adventure to find there new home. Who knows what adventure are yet to come...

28 The New Chapters Horror Show

A horror comedy about kids finding a book

29 Somniac

A slice-of-life cartoon about an insomniac teenager.

30 Shake and Flick Show
31 Outlaw Star (The Reboot)
32 Trigun (The Reboot)
33 Cowboy Bebop (The Reboot)
34 Scooby Doo Babies
35 The Jetson Kids
36 Frothy Dawg Show
37 The Yucky Duck Show
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