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1 Top Ten Reasons Why Nickelodeon is Better Than ESPN

ESPN is better

2 Top Ten Reasons Why Electricity is Better Than Candlelight V 1 Comment
3 Top Ten Reasons Why Microsoft is Better Than Apple Inc.

Apple accused Samsung for copying them, but it turns out that Apple is copying Microsoft's Windows! Such hypocrites!

I think that's Apple's full name. Anyway, just put the full name or someone might think you're comparing a tech company with a fruit. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

4 Top Ten Reasons Why Amazon Instant Video is Better Than Netflix
5 Top Ten Reasons Why "Deez Nuts!" is Better Than Donald Trump
6 Top Ten Reasons Why Pepper is Better Than Sugar

What?! Impossible!

7 Top Ten Reasons Why Water is Better Than Orange Juice
8 Top Ten Reasons Why Apples are Better Than Pears

This is apple, as in fruit. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

9 Top Ten Reasons Why the Amazon Echo is Better Than Apple's Siri
10 Top Ten Reasons Why Swords are Better Than Bow and Arrows

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11 Reasons Why Zootopia Is Better Than Frozen

At least Zootopia didn't have whiny princesses and annoyingly stupid songs

Zootopia is already more overrated than Frozen ever was, and it's nothing but a big rant about social justice with an annoying song and lame jokes.

Zootopia is underrated, while Frozen is EVERYWHERE!

Zootopia is NOT underrated! And that should be the last time Zootopia and "underrated" should ever be in the same sentence!

Maybe no whiny princesses, but "Try Everything" is an annoyingly stupid song even by Shakira standards.

V 1 Comment
12 Top Ten Reasons Why Watching a Squirrel Scratch Its Butt is More Entertaining Than Jeopardy V 1 Comment
13 Reasons Why The Peanuts Movie Is Better Than Frozen

No, there are more than enough "why _______ is better than Frozen" lists. And this is coming from someone who doesn't like Frozen.

14 Reasons Why Elsa From Frozen Is Worse Than Nick From Zootopia

Nick: Smooth character that doesn't freak out over little things and has a better fanbase

Elsa: The following things describe why she's annoying
1. She couldn't trust her sister to keep her powers secret
2. She freaks out WAY too much
3. She froze the entire world just because her sister married someone she just met that day (another way of out)
4. Instead of trying to fix the problem, she rips off her last glove, clips off her cape, throws her Tiara on the ground, and sings some ridiculously overrated song everyone now knows about how she loves her powers and how dangerous they are and that she will keep freezing the world until it falls apart
5. When her sister was trying to help her, she tries to run away and ignore her
6. Does she have to create a giant monster to get Anna and her friends out of her castle?!?! (And so she freaks out again)!
7. Whenever someone is by her, all she says is, "Just, stay away,"
8. While she did mourn for her sister, she ...more

15 Reasons Why Project x Zone is a Better Crossover RPG Than Kingdom Hearts
16 Top Ten Reasons Why Angry Birds is Better Than PNCBank

Good news bluetopazicevanilla this list is real. Except it compares Rocko's modern life to PNCBank and not angry birds - NESSquid

Thanks! It's good to know that someone is actually using this list for ideas! - BlueTopazIceVanilla

17 Top Ten Reasons why Emily The Strange, Dork Diaries, Bubsy And Justin Bieber Are Worse a Than Spike From Mario
18 Top Ten Reasons Why Rocko's Modern Life is better Than Chase ATM
19 Top Ten Reasons Why Angry Birds is Better Than Huntington Bank
20 Top Ten Reasons Why Angry Birds is Better Than 5/3 Bank
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