Top 10 Ideas for Crash Bandicoot Fan Games

Crash Bandicoot
It's been five years without Crash Bandicoot having a new game. Guess the fans will have to make their own.

The Top Ten

1 Crash Bandicoot Simulator
2 Cortex Catastrophe

This was actually planned as well! What a shame it was cancelled, it could've been so much fun!

3 Crash Generations

That would be awesome - CastlevaniaFanboy128

4 Crash Nitro Kart Team Racing
5 Crash Kombat
6 Crash Heroes
7 Crash Adventure
8 Crash Bandicoot Xtreme
9 Crash Bandicoot 3000

This game takes place in the far future.

10 Crash Bandicoot: Legends of the Wumpa Islands

The Contenders

11 Crash Bandicoot: Invasion of the Zombie Bandicoots
12 Crash Bandicoot Final Fantasy
13 Crash Bandicoot Meets Sonic the Hedgehog
14 The Crash and Cortex Game

This was an idea for a book I had when I was 10.

15 Crash and the Gorilla

Just an idea from an old 2007 YouTube video of Crash and a gorilla.

16 Crash vs. Mega Robotic Crash
17 The Origin of Crash Bandicoot
18 Cowboy Crash
19 Crash In Time
20 Crash and Spyro

An actual crossover would be nice

21 Crash Meets Skylanders

Now that's a crossover people.

22 Crash Bandicoot Universe
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