Top Ten Ideas For Fortnite Season Nine


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1 Noob Mode

Thanks for using my idea. I deserve credit. I thought this first. - TriggerTrashKid

Something for me lol! - Userguy44

Whay about sicko mode? - Annie_the_thot_

Credit to TriggerTrashKid for thinking of this idea! - sadical

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2 A New Location

I think a good map idea would be a place called Peaceful Playground. It would be a big playground with a bunch of different jungle gyms, slides, and swings that your Fortnite player can use, as well as a good loot spawn chance with vending machines. It could replace the unlucky place called Lucky Landing. - sadical

Wow. Sadical you have an amazing idea. - TriggerTrashKid

Please. - B1ueNew

3 Lucky Landing Gets Removed

There's a reason it's called lucky landing. - TriggerTrashKid

They shouldn’t. - MrCoolC

I was surprised it wasn’t gone in Season 8! From my experience, no one likes Lucky Landing! It’s just a boring spot on the edge of the map with no good loot, and no one drops there! - sadical

4 Roller Skates

I think roller skates could either be a vehicle that spaws near an Expedition Outpost or named location, or a legendary item drop similar to the jet pack which has gotten removed in the past. They would work, well, just like roller skates! - sadical

5 More Customizable Skins in the Store

There are some skins with selectable styles like the football and soccer skins, and also battle pass skins, but I was thinking maybe there could be a set which would cost 2,500 vbucks where you can create a skin, you can pick which of the defaults the skin is based off, the hair color, the eye color, and the clothes. - sadical

6 The Ability to Refund Your Purchases in the Item Shop for Vbucks

Sometimes, people buy things that they later regret purchasing with their vbucks, so there should be a way to refund your purchases. However, this could be used in a negative way to just swap skins every day, so to fix that issue that would come, you would get half of your vbucks back on the first day, but as you keep the thing in your inventory, the price you can refund it for keeps going down, but it stops at 1/8 of the price. - sadical

REEE I need my Vicious-bucks - TriggerTrashKid

Yes please - B1ueNew

7 The Volcano Erupts

I was thinking that maybe this could be a live event. The lava from the volcano would erupt everywhere near it, and Lazy Lagoon would have a lava pond instead of lagoon. There would be floating pieces of land in the lava, but there would also be bridges to cross, The lava would gradually sink down into the earth. - sadical

8 A Tropical Theme

It would be near summer when Season Eight ends, so maybe the theme could be summer, or tropical. Some location ideas could be Radiant Rainforest (which would just be a rainforest) and Blissful Beach, which is a beach with a pool. Also, maybe in the battle pass, there could be a skin that tans in warm locations as the game goes on. - sadical

*calls Donkey Kong* - TriggerTrashKid

9 Health and Shield for Kill Comes Back

This was in the game for like a week or two and then they removed it. Really Epic. - B1ueNew

I didn’t like this idea when it was first added, but now that it’s gone, I do miss it. In fights, you can get to really low health, so it’s good to get 50 shield or health to reward yourself for kills. It’s especially rewarding if you are end up doing 4v1 and making it out alive. - sadical

10 Battle Pass Tiering Up for Victory Royales

When you win, it must feel really good! I wouldn’t know, cause I have no wins, but anyways, wouldn’t it be better if you got battle pass tiers up for winning? You would get 5 levels up for your first win of the season, and 1 for the rest. - sadical

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11 NHL Skins

They ARE there - TriggerTrashKid

YA YEET NO EW - SadEpicBadical

12 A Western Theme

This would be perfect - TriggerTrashKid

13 New Museum Location

A place where you could see all vaulted items, old map, get NOSTALGIC.

Whoever added this is the best - sadical

14 Justin Bieber Music

Wow this is the best idea ever! - Userguy44

15 Skateboards
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