Best Ideas for a Frozen Crossover Film

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1 The Frozen Aristocats

What has this world become? Half the people in the world are Frozgirls, whatever that means, in MY opinion, there are way too many frozen lists... - DapperPickle

2 Game of Ice
3 Elsa and Ferb
4 My Little Frozen: Elsa is Magic
5 Snow Queen

Hey Elsa! Watch The Snow Queen (1957) and learn!

I’ve seen better snow animation in GAMES that come out before Frozen.

6 Littlest Frozen Shop
7 Frozen Teen Hunger Force
8 Quagmire Meets Elsa and Anna

I already know how sexually that will escalate. - McKing1003

9 Blossom's Ice Breath

So how come any of the creators didn't even bother to show Elsa's ice breath too in canon at all? Huh? I'd love to see Elsa using her ice breath in canon too like Blossom.

10 Ice Sore (Power-Puff Girls)

Frozen would've been better if Elsa also showed her ice breath in canon too just like Blossom in The Power-Puff Girls episode, Ice Sore.

I really wish I've seen Elsa's ice breath in canon.

The Contenders

11 The Legend of Zelda: The Snow Queen

After all, none of The Legend of Zelda female canon characters are the ice, snow, frost princesses/queens at all, are they?

No there is no ice, snow, frost princess queen in any of The Legend of Zelda franchise at all.

Elsa - Alice (Alice In Wonderland 1951)

Zelda - Alice's Older Sister (Alice In Wonderland 1951)

12 Elsa and the Chipmunks
13 The Frozen Smurfs
14 Harry Potter and the Snow Princess/Queen

Elsa - Draco Malfoy's one year younger proper, ladylike princess sister and Anna's worst all time biggest enemy

15 The Snow Queen and The Beast

The enchantress would've shown up in the kingdom of the Southern Isles to turn Hans into another beast in canon so he could learn how to be a better man than ever, agreed?

16 Snow Queen Zelda

Elsa is commonly cast as Zelda, for being a noble. She can even be a Queen of one of the snowy lands, that the hero ventures into on his journey. Elsa's Ice Castle can serve as a dungeon (like the Ice Palace from A Link to the Past) and Marshmallow or herself as its ice boss. The wolves that chased Anna, Kristoff and Sven can even serve as some of the White Wolfoses, that the hero faces in her icy kingdom. Arendelle could even be used as a base for the Kingdom of Hyrule, with its royal guards as the guards that watch over and protect Hyrule. Since the royal guards from Spirit Tracks wear the color green to honor the hero of legends, the same tradition can be used for the green uniform that the guards of Arendelle wear. While others see Arendelle as a neighbor kingdom that Link travels to on his quest, as he seeks Elsa's help.

17 Icebusters: Who Ya Gonna Ice?

Who ya gonna ice?

18 A Frozen Carol
19 Frozen Princess Mononoke
20 Frozen Spirited Away
21 Frozen Kiki's Delivery Service
22 Frozen Inuyasha
23 Frozen Ranma 1/2
24 Elsa, the Jungle Girl
25 Frozen American Girl
26 Frozen Rozen Maiden
27 Frozen Evangelion
28 Frozen Anime
29 Elsa Malfoy
30 Frozen iCarly
31 Frozen Victorious
32 Frozen Drake and Josh
33 Frozen Wicked
34 Frozen Hogwarts
35 Frozen The Huntsman Winter's War
36 Frozen Alice In Wonderland
37 Elsa In Wonderland
38 Frozen Snow White
39 Frozen Cinderella
40 Frozen Sleeping Beauty/Maleficent
41 Frozen Neverland
42 Frozen Meets Zootopia
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