Best Ideas for a Frozen Crossover Film

The Top Ten

1 Snow Queen
2 Ice Sore (Power-Puff Girls)
3 Blossom's Ice Breath
4 The Frozen Aristocats

What has this world become? Half the people in the world are Frozgirls, whatever that means, in MY opinion, there are way too many frozen lists... - DapperPickle

5 Game of Ice
6 Elsa and Ferb
7 My Little Frozen: Elsa is Magic
8 Littlest Frozen Shop
9 Frozen Teen Hunger Force
10 Quagmire Meets Elsa and Anna

I already know how sexually that will escalate. - McKing1003

The Contenders

11 The Legend of Zelda: The Snow Queen
12 Elsa and the Chipmunks
13 The Frozen Smurfs
14 Harry Potter and the Snow Princess/Queen
15 The Snow Queen and The Beast
16 Snow Queen Zelda
17 Icebusters: Who Ya Gonna Ice?

Who ya gonna ice?

18 A Frozen Carol
19 Frozen Princess Mononoke
20 Frozen Spirited Away
21 Frozen Kiki's Delivery Service
22 Frozen Inuyasha
23 Frozen Ranma 1/2
24 Elsa, the Jungle Girl
25 Frozen American Girl
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