Top Ten Ideas for a Future Doctor Who Episode


The Top Ten

1 Every single Doctor in one episode

Even the dead doctors, maybe they can be recasted or use CGI to put them in the episode using clips from the classics, like what they did in The Name of The Doctor. Even John Hurt's Doctor and the Human/Time-Lord Doctor, since they count as regenerations - RickyReeves

2 The Silence vs The Weeping Angels
3 Galifrey Returns

I would LOVE to see the Doctor battle with powerful time lords other than the master. And it would be nice to have a new time lord companion.

4 The Sea Devils Return
5 A Companion from the classic series returns

Maybe Ace so they can finally explain why and how she left The Doctor. We finally found out how the 8th Doctor Regenerated so this is likely to happen (I hope and if Sophie Aldred agrees) - RickyReeves

6 The Doctor Meets Joan of Arc

JoC was in her teens, so maybe a young actress can play her - RickyReeves

7 The Sontarans in the 1900s

With the Paternoster Gang, maybe Strax will betray Vastra and be with The Sontarans - RickyReeves

8 The Doctor Meets Houdini (again)

But with Houdini on screen. Maybe someone like Andrew Lincoln (Rick Grimes from The Walking Dead) can play Harry Houdini - RickyReeves

9 How The Master 'Missy' Survived from The End of Time up to Deep Breath
10 Martha Jones or Donna Noble Return As a Companion for an Episode

The Contenders

11 Jenny (The Doctor's Daughter) Returns

I loved Jenny so much. And Steven Moffat purposefully kept her alive, so there's obviously some plan with her. She's just wandering out there! Come on, guys, bring Jenny back!

12 Amy & Rory Return

They may have died in the show, but there is always a way - jaythomo2

13 The Doctor returns to Mondas

The planet of Cybermen - jaythomo2

14 Clara meets her Victorian counterpart (Before she died)
15 Rose Returns!

No thank you! - kanetheundertaker25

16 Companions vs Monsters

Have Rose, Martha & Donna & Clara & Jack & Mickey return for one massive episode! And have The Cybermen, Daleks, Silence & Weeping angels as well taking over Earth! - jaythomo2

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