Top Ten Best Ideas for Future Seasons of Survivor


The Top Ten

1 Survivor: Cape Verde
2 Survivor: One Tribe

Where the castaways all start out on one tribe and everyone voted out is on the jury. - NicholasYellow

3 Survivor: Rift Valley
4 Survivor: Death Valley

This would be a really cool season. Them having to survive scorching hot temperatures... not to mention, it would be the first season filmed in the United States. - NicholasYellow

5 Survivor: India

No offense but some of these ideas are horrible, like quitters vs medevacs really?

6 Survivor: East vs. West

People from the east coast are on one tribe, and west coasters on the other. - NicholasYellow

Cool idea

7 Survivor: Madagascar
8 Survivor: Arabia

This was actually supposed to be the 4th season, but it was changed to Marquesas after the September 11th attacks. - NicholasYellow

9 Survivor: Namib Desert
10 Survivor: Runners Up

The Contenders

11 Survivor: Tonga

Another location that was planned but replaced. This time, not for safety reasons, but due to Survivor's declining budget... - NicholasYellow

12 Survivor: Quitters vs Med-Evacs

Although this is highly unlikely considering how much Jeff hates quitters... I would love to see NaOnka return on the quitters tribe! Reality T.V. gold! - NicholasYellow

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13 Survivor: Celebrities VS Favorites

Imagine Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, Russell Hantz and Parvati Shallow on a island together, either pure drama or stupidity. People wold watch either one!

14 Survivor: Winners vs. Losers

10 people who got last on their season vs 10 people who won in theirs - NicholasYellow

15 Survivor: Democrats vs Republicans
16 Survivor: Solomon Islands
17 Survivor: Cops vs. Criminals

10 police officers vs 10 former criminals - NicholasYellow

18 Survivor: Winner Take All
19 Survivor: New Zealand
20 Survivor: Wives vs Husbands

Better than marrige consul

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