Top Ten Best Ideas for Future Seasons of Survivor


The Top Ten

1 Survivor: Cape Verde
2 Survivor: One Tribe

Where the castaways all start out on one tribe and everyone voted out is on the jury. - NicholasYellow

3 Survivor: Rift Valley
4 Survivor: Death Valley

This would be a really cool season. Them having to survive scorching hot temperatures... not to mention, it would be the first season filmed in the United States. - NicholasYellow

Haven’t had “non” exotic place in awhile.. The desert has some challenges that could throw people off in their preparation to play Survivor..

5 Survivor: India

No offense but some of these ideas are horrible, like quitters vs medevacs really?

6 Survivor: Madagascar
7 Survivor: East vs. West

People from the east coast are on one tribe, and west coasters on the other. - NicholasYellow

Cool idea

8 Survivor: Arabia

This was actually supposed to be the 4th season, but it was changed to Marquesas after the September 11th attacks. - NicholasYellow

9 Survivor: Runners Up

Love this

10 Survivor: Namib Desert

The Newcomers

? Schemers vs. Sidekicks
? Survivor: Rocked Out

Rocked out players are captains

The Contenders

11 Survivor: Celebrities VS Favorites

Imagine Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, Russell Hantz and Parvati Shallow on a island together, either pure drama or stupidity. People wold watch either one!

12 Survivor: First Eliminated
13 Survivor: Tonga

Another location that was planned but replaced. This time, not for safety reasons, but due to Survivor's declining budget... - NicholasYellow

14 Survivor: Democrats vs Republicans

It would be political beliefs vs
Political beliefs and they would have to fight to the very end. It would be cool and entertaing I think at merge there would be rock draws because I have a feeling people in one tribe would stay loyal to each other and there would be fire making challenges and rock draws it would be cool. Also it would be like trump vs Hillary

15 Survivor: Solomon Islands
16 Survivor: Winners vs. Losers

10 people who got last on their season vs 10 people who won in theirs - NicholasYellow

17 Survivor: Quitters vs Med-Evacs

Colton on both teams

Although this is highly unlikely considering how much Jeff hates quitters... I would love to see NaOnka return on the quitters tribe! Reality T.V. gold! - NicholasYellow

18 Survivor: Winner Take All

What the heck would that mean?!

19 Survivor: New Zealand

Already happened

20 Heroes vs Villains 2

The best season of survivor returnes for a second time!

21 Survivor: Wives vs Husbands

Better than marrige consul

22 Survivor South Africa: Maldives

Before this beautiful place goes down into the ocean watch an amazing season of survivor

23 Survivor: Cops vs. Criminals

10 police officers vs 10 former criminals - NicholasYellow

24 Survivor: American Idol Edition
25 Survivor: Rogues vs Rebels

Rogues-People known for their conniving and mischief.
Rebels-People known for their individuality.

26 Survivor: Doppelgängers

Previous Survivor players vs. their doppelgänger

27 Survivor: Know Everyone

Start as one tribe, after 3 days split into tribes. By spending time together early maybe the tribe vs tribe dominance won't matter as much when teams get mixed up later and merged

28 Survivor: Teachers vs Students
29 Survivor Mistakes

Filmed in Aogashima, Japan...
The people who have made the biggest mistakes in survivor come back with a chance to reverse their curse!
Jason (Siska)
James (clement)
Mikaela (season 34)
Michael (Yerger)
And many more!

30 Fans vs Favorites 3


31 Tribes Made Up by Military

Navy/Marines vs. Army/Airforce, veterans past and present

32 Battle of the Winners

Imagine Sandra, Yul, Hatch in one game

33 Survivor: Mauritius
34 Survivor: Tuvalu
35 Survivor: Kiribati

I don't know if I spelled this right

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