Top 10 Best Ideas for a Gender Switched Superhero


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1 Captain Underpants (Female)

We all know why this is at the top... - BlarchBlaces

Only idea here I would like. - Therandom

A young woman principal dressed like Captain Underpants. - girlcool

Oh god... - TwilightKitsune

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2 Batman (Female)

I'm not talking about Batgirl. I'm talking about a female version of Bruce Wayne. - girlcool

This exists. - ProPanda

Oh boy... I would not like this. - Therandom

There's already barbara gordon - VideoGamefan5

3 Space Ghost (Female)

Space Girl: Coast to Coast. - girlcool

4 Aquaman (Female)

I'm a big DC fan. - girlcool

5 The Flash (Female)

A female Flash seems interesting. - girlcool

oh my

6 Starfire (Male)
7 Raven (Male)

Just an emo with a purple robe, probably. - EliHbk

8 Green Lantern (Female)

There's other lanterns in the comics - VideoGamefan5

9 The Atom (Female)
10 Dr. Fate (Female)

The Contenders

11 Captain America (Female)
12 Black Widow (Male)
13 Hawkeye (Female)
14 Black Canary (Male)
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