Ideas for Gravity Falls Season 3 Episodes

One of the my least favorite things about Gravity Falls is that it only lasted 2 seasons. There are so many ideas for a third season it's just heart-breaking. So during this marathon, I'm making a list of the best ideas for more Gravity Falls episodes. I also encourage you guys to add your own ideas. I really want to see more ideas than the ones I have, so feel free to be creative. Enjoy!

The Top Ten Ideas for Gravity Falls Season 3 Episodes

1 An episode about the return of Bill Cipher
2 A crossover with Rick and Morty

That would be interesting.

3 A mystery about a Soul Collecting Demon
4 An episode where the gang camps out in the woods and tell stories
5 An episode about Dipper and Mabel's parents
6 A sequel to Summerween
7 A parody of the movie "IT"
8 An episode where Dipper turns 16 in an instant
9 An episode where ice creatures from the Northern Hemisphere attack
10 Dipper x Osama Bin Laden


The Contenders

11 An episode where Soos gets abducted by the Aliens who crashed through the valley
12 A parody of the movie "Godzilla"
13 Monster Parrot Toucan
14 A parody of "T for Toilet"
15 A crossover with SVTFOE
16 An episode that Dipper and Mabel have a older Triplet sister
17 Dipper watches The Simpsons
18 Homer Simpson Punches Dipper
19 Grunkle Stan Mauls a Bear
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