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41 Friendship

Somebody lives the typical life of a 7-15 year old until they are possessed and become a mindless killer. Most victims are absolute strangers but a few are friends. But then a 3-6 year old also gets possessed. Will a group of 4 friends be able to stop the underaged killers?

42 Vallery

A girl named vallery goes to her bedroom and starts playing on her phone. At least one hour later she hears 3 knocks at her door. Vallery opens her door and sees a tall shadowy figure standing in her doorway. Vallery stands there frozen with fear as the shadowy figure stabs vallery in the chest. Vallery awakes from a deep sleep and walks down the hallway to the bathroom. She looks in the mirror and realizes she is not shown in the mirror. Vallery runs back to her room in fear and sees her corps on her bed. Vallery turns around and runs downstairs. Vallery screams I'm fear as she sees her family's corps on the kitchen table. Vallery sits up in her bed and breaths really heavy.2 years later a feiend from vallery shows her pictures of some houses ( in willing to move ) and in every picture in the window is a tall dark shadow.

43 Allans Key
44 Zervain
45 Lisa

Based off of the famous series of little kid drawings on he internet about Lisa the ghost

46 Something

Dust that is born in nature made from hell that's causing every time it goes in someone it causes them to do bad things and it makes random phone calls turns electricity on and eventually the devil shows himself and kills them trying to send them to hell

47 Man of the Dark 2
48 Man of the Dark 3
49 Man of the Dark 4
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