Top 10 Ideas For A New Disney Princess


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1 A Fallen Angel Princess

An anime has done this before - GlassweighanCountess

2 A Romanian Vampire Princess

Oh wait, she already exists and she's called Krul Tepes - GlassweighanCountess

3 A Princess Cursed With Emotionlessness

I want a Disney movie about a princess who suffers from depression. Like, it explores how she feels and how it affects her. - GlassweighanCountess

4 A Princess who is a Serial Killer

I want a princess who's edgy. She lives in olden age Poland, where women's rights were zilch, and after some idiots make the wrong decision messing with her she makes them pay - GlassweighanCountess

Yup. Nothing more of an inspiration for a little girl than a serial killer. ;-0 - clusium

Disney. This is Disney you're suggesting this for. - DapperPickle

They haven't done anything along the lines of making a main protagonist a murderer, especially a princess. - DapperPickle

Elsa would fit just well don't you think - RustyNail

5 A Princess Who Fights In The Crusades

A Disney movie about Joan of Arc sounds awesome

<insert your favourite Assassin's Creed joke here> - GlassweighanCountess

Now, that is a possibility. There WERE European Royalty that were involved in the Crusades, including women. Eg: Eleanor of Aquitaine. - clusium

Yeah, and there was also that British woman who's husband was also a Templar who's name I forgot - GlassweighanCountess

6 A Princess Who Can Give People Nightmares

And make her German as well, because this film's gonna involve a curse of nightmares going down the bloodline and hopefully a Nazi will get them. - GlassweighanCountess

7 A Princess Who Gives Her Throne To The Villain

She gets tricked into it, and must retrieve it - GlassweighanCountess

8 A Princess Who Is Hated By Her Kingdom

These are all really weird, except for maybe this one. - ShuhBanggg

Would be a nice change. So sick of princesses being loved all the time - GlassweighanCountess

9 A Jewish Princess

To Disney, this would be the most sickening. By far the least likely to happen too.

10 A Bald Princess

This would be great for kids with cancer to see.

The Contenders

11 A Lesbian Hungarian Princess Who's In Love with A Serial Killer

Yes, this item is a reference to Elizabeth Bathory. Since people have been begging for a lesbian princess, this doesn't seem like a bad idea. I want the serial killer to be a bad guy but reform herself in the film. The serial killer's last name must be Bathory though (that would be so cool) - GlassweighanCountess

12 A Disney Princess who's a samurai
13 A Princess Who Can See Japanese Yokai

A Japanese princess. This movie's gonna be animesque - GlassweighanCountess

14 A Hindu Princess

Imagine how beautiful and thick her hair will be...

15 A Sikh Princess
16 A Disney Princess Who Has the Ability to Conjure Up Fire
17 Princess with Superpowers
18 Princess with Autism

I have autism and I think it would be quite interesting and different - WinchesterGirl26

19 A Disney Princess Who Hates Maps
20 A Disney Princess who pilots a giant mech

To quote Peter Griffin: "Why aren't we funding this? " - PerfectImpulseX

21 A Disney Princess who has the ability to conjure up electricity
22 Princess with a Rainbow Gown
23 Princess with a Unicorn
24 Princess with a Deeper Voice
25 YouTube Princess
26 A Pyrokinesis Princess
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