Top 10 Ideas for New Games


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1 Dream World

So the main characters name is freddie and his dad died at the hands of an evil overlord so his friends must team go through 30 epic levels to stop overlord from destroying the world
2.Dennis:freddies friend
3.Clorax:a magic paper
4.Ashley - adventurer

2 Super Mario Forces

So instead of that loser peach getting kidnapped bowser is gonna take over her castel for himself - adventurer

3 Kirbys Eating Bash

Feed kirby a lot of food and when kind dedede steals it kirby must eat his way through food island - adventurer

4 Super Cartoon Smash

All cartoon characters battle it out! spongebob ed,edd,eddy,and more classic and new except for ttg characters - adventurer

5 The Legend of Zelda: Takeover
6 Pac-Man vs Mario
7 Sonic Run
8 A Metroid Story
9 F-Zero Deluxe
10 Earth Bound 3

The Contenders

11 Edf x Godzilla

Wow they should make this! - adventurer

It would be a game like Friday the thirteenth or Evolve. One player plays as Godzilla or another monster, destroying the city, and there's a team of EDF soldiers (team size ranges from 4-8) setting out to stop him. EDF soldiers not only have to try and kill Godzilla, but also save civilians from the destruction he is causing.

EDF soldiers could specialize in different skills, like saving civilians, keeping fellow soldiers alive, or damaging the monster. - Jackamalio

12 Super Mario Ps4
13 Gladiator: The Video Game
14 Lylat Warriors - Star Fox
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