Top 10 Ideas for New Kirby Copy Abilities


The Top Ten

1 Majin Kirby
2 Boo (The World's Cutest Dog) Kirby
3 Belmont Kirby
4 Optimus Kirby
5 AVGN Kirby
6 Shrek Kirby



7 Superman Kirby
8 Goku Kirby

Fighter kirby. - Villainnumberone

9 Kitty Kirby
10 Bowling Kirby

The Contenders

11 Fidget Spinner Kirby
12 Vampire Kirby

This one could actually work outside of smash,as a mixed ability. - Villainnumberone

13 Sports Kirby
14 Meteor Kirby
15 Debris Kirby

There's already stone kirby - Villainnumberone

16 Square Kirby

Block kirby exists in data for squeak squad - Villainnumberone

17 Weegee Kirby
18 American Hardcore Kirby

Let me guess... You read T.V. Tropes also? *American Kirby is Hardcore*

19 Conkerby (Conker's BFD)
20 Jokerby (Batman)
21 Kirby Norris
22 Krystal Kirby

If Krystal appears in a future Super Smash Bros. This will most likely show up.

23 Tingle Kirby
24 Slippy Kirby
25 Peppy Kirby

May or may not tell Fox McCloud to do barrel rolls.

26 Raichu Kirby
27 Manakete Kirby
28 Swordmaster Kirby

Swordmaster as in the class/characters from the Fire Emblem series if you wanted to know, not to be confused with the Sword Kirby that's already in the Kirby games.

29 Pegasus Knight Kirby
30 Wyvern Lord Kirby
31 Deku Kirby
32 Goron Kirby
33 Zora Kirby
34 Keaton Kirby
35 Tails Kirby
36 Ridley Kirby
37 Laguz Kirby
38 Kitsune Kirby
39 Wolfskin Kirby
40 Taguel Kirby
41 Starfy Kirby
42 Dillon Kirby
43 Red Savarin Kirby
44 Xiaomu Kirby
45 Reiji Arisu Kirby
46 Saya Kirby
47 Great Lord Kirby
48 Blade Lord Kirby
49 Knight Lord Kirby
50 Pink Kirby
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