Best Ideas for a New SpongeBob SquarePants Episode

I made this list to add your stupid, random and funny ideas for an upcoming Spongebob Episode.

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1 Sandy's Bad Hair Day
2 A Date for Plankton
3 Eurovision in Bikini Bottom

In this episode, A Eurovision style event takes place in Bikini Bottom by Mister Krabs at Krusty Krab with singers from different fictional countries and presenter the Patchy the pirate. The sountrack will include real life songs from european singers, with the collaboration of EBU and Nickelodeon.

4 Detective SpongeBob
5 Rickbob Mortypants

A crossover episode between Rick and Morty and Spongebob with a typical Rick and Morty writing style. In this episode the Smith, Rick and Morty go to Bikini Bottom by accident and one moment while walking, they meet Spongebob and Patrick and go to the Sandy's house to recommend him because he is scientist. Then, they show her his new but unannounced invention for a discovery of a relic, a gun while the Smiths eating at Krusty Krab, meanwhile the Plankton watches them to inspire his new gadget for Krabby Patty recipe. After the discovery a chaos is happened in Bikini Bottom ie people died, properties destroyed by the relic and his invention and Spongebob and Patric start to suspect that Rick is evil and they must stop him before makes more damage. At the end, after the destruction, Rick and Morty apologise with the Smiths on his side after going for walk to the habitans so, they do a presentation of another unknown gadget and they leave from Bikini Bottom with a crabby patty recipe ...more

This would be great! But unfortunately, it can't happen because Rick and Morty is not a kids show. It could be a fanfiction or something...

6 Squidward the Lawyer
7 Slush with Marshmallow

A crossover episode between Spongebob and Monstercat. In this time the Monstercat artists discover than Bikini Bottom is real and they plan a travel. After a long journey, they arrive at Bikini Bottom and meet the characters depending on their interests and they have fun, Gary with Monstercat mascot, Larry with Rogue, Plankton with Slushii, Spot with Hyper Potions, Karen with Bad Computer, Squilliam with Aiobahn, Pearl with Koven, Sandy with Aero chord, Mr Krabs with Marshmello, Squidward with LVTHER, King Neptune with Pegboard Nerds Spongebob and Patric with Tokyo Machine and Mrs Puff with WRLD. Some days later, Krusty Krab decides to serve marshmallow patties and Rusty Bucket smoothies wtih chum for limited time as a promotion part for a huge party where will take place in town in the weekend. Then, something bad happens during the event and the Evil Bubble with the bad guys invade to Bikini Bottom and ruin it. It was so bad that Mermaid man and Barnacles Boy learn the destruction ...more

8 An Adventurous Day at the Wholesale
9 Graveyard Shift 2
10 Sock World

The sequel of the episode Escape from Glove World - Thiseas

The Contenders

11 The Taperoll
12 Suponjibobu

Spongebob and Patric do a trip in a fictional Japanese style city after reading a travel magasine. - Thiseas

13 Pop Team Epic Visit Bikini Bottom

A crossover episode featuring animation styles from both shows and follows the adventures of Pop Team Epic with Spongebob and Patric - Thiseas

14 SpongeBob Football

Spongebob wants to be a football player and - Thiseas

15 Lil Spongy

Spongebob becomes mumble rapper, Mr Krabs opens an expensive streetwear brand, Plankton opens a Slizzurp cafe in a 20 minute special musical episode. - Thiseas

16 Krusty Gyros

A Greek themed episode when Spongebob makes Gyro and Souvlaki from Krabby Patty meat by accident, Squidward plays bouzouki and clarinet at the same time, the characters have Greek personalities and the owner of Krusty Krab is King Poseidon with a Greek temple decoration. - Thiseas

17 Without H2o

Bikini Bottom is draining without water and all the characters have to find a way to survive - VainillaKid

18 Two Course Meal

Oh HELL no

19 Krusty Boating School

The Krusty Krab turns into a boating school and Mr. Krabs is the teacher, Squidward, Patrick and SpongeBob take an exam and SpongeBob passes the test and gets his boating license, Mrs. Puff is very upset. - Ombfour

20 Snail School

SpongeBob and Patrick open a snail school and Gary is the naughtiest student in the school, the school turns into complete torture when Squidward calls the cops and arrests SpongeBob and Patrick, then Squidward gets attacked by the snails and killed himself. - Ombfour

Spongebob and Patrick open an open pet school in the park and it becomes too successfull, than SpongeBob gives up the job at Krusty Krab to become a snail and worm trainer. After a while, Patrick gets rabies and SpongeBob toxoplasmosis at the hospital until they get well while there are cases for animal exploitation by nature protection organisations. After than, Spongebob and Patric gave up the job, closed the shop, return the animals to their owners and they returned to their everyday lifes - Thiseas

21 Senior Shopping

Mr. Krabs asks SpongeBob and Patrick to help Pearl do some shopping for her high school graduation party, SpongeBob and Patrick take Pearl to the mall and they help her buy the stuff, 3 hours later SpongeBob returns to the Krusty Krab and shows Mr. Krabs the budget, then pulls Squidward into Mr. Krabs office and has a company meeting, Mr. Krabs wants to have a party at the Krusty Krab, the next day, Mr. Krabs, Squidward, SpongeBob and Patrick set up the party at the Krusty Krab, he invites Sandy, Larry, Mrs. Puff and other customers for the party, when Pearl enters the restaurant with her friends, they have a party, Pearl does not complain about her dad being cheap and Pearl loved the party. - Ombfour

22 Mehanism of Bikinithera

A Spongebob episode with a story of fictional ancient relic based on Ancient Mechanism of Antikythera - Thiseas

23 Banned From Bikini Bottom

SpongeBob committed a crime to Squidward and gets banned from Bikini Bottom, Mr. Krabs gets very upset to have to hire a new employee and Patrick gets the job. - Ombfour

24 National Squidward Day

SpongeBob and Patrick announce that it is National Squidward day and Mr. Krabs throws a huge party at the Krusty Krab inviting SpongeBob, Patrick, Squidward, Sandy, Pearl, Mrs. Puff, Larry, Plankton, and evening Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy. - Ombfour

25 School To Dumb

SpongeBob convinces Patrick into going to high school, Squidward is one of the teachers and Patrick fails a test miserably and was forced to work at the Krusty Krab, Mr. Krabs then flushed him down the toilet at the end. - Ombfour

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