Top Ten Ideas for New Super Smash Bros Final Smashes

I feel like these would make awesome final smashes.

The Top Ten

1 Anime Falcon Punch (Captain Falcon)
2 Arcade Cabinet Drop (Pac-Man)
3 Death Stare (Luigi)
4 Falcon Shoryuken (Captain Falcon)
5 Pill Dropping (Dr. Mario)

What about pill tetris

6 Masked DeDeDe (King DeDeDe)

It made it in Smash Ultimate - ChroniclerMan5

I Love To play as King Dedede in Smash

7 Maximum Charge Spur Laser (Quote from Cave Story)
8 Super Mushroom (Mario)

I'm guessing this makers Mario grow into a giant? - nintendofan126

9 Lightning Storm (Pikachu)

What about mega thundershock

10 R. Y. N. O. (Ratchet)

Whoever added this is now my friend. - Garythesnail

The Contenders

11 Classic DK Barrel Dropping (Donkey Kong)
12 REALLY Feeling It (Shulk)
13 Gold Pac-Man (Pac-Man)
14 Team Up With Knuckles (Sonic)

it be cool

What about speed drift

15 HyperNova (Kirby)

It's a good idea. They should make this. - nintendofan126

16 Reference To The Final Boss Of Yoshi's Island (Bowser Jr.)
17 Snaps Fingers (Thanos)
18 Super Saiyan Mode (Goku)
19 Spaghetti Rain (Papyrus)

Can you undertale fans stop shoving undertale down our throats?

20 Fangirl Stampede (Lucas)

This could be Lucas's, Link's, or Meta Knight's, really. - Garythesnail

I don't get it

21 Yoshi Army (Yoshi)

What about mega egg from yoshis island

22 The Tornado (Tails)
23 Waddle Dee Army (Waddle Dee)

I feel like Waddle Dee fits this even more than the King. Just imagine him doing the "BIG GAY DANCE! " - Garythesnail

The Big Gay Dance gets passed on to the king's number one servant. - Garythesnail

24 PK Rockin' Omega (Ness)

Yeah, why isn't this Ness' Final Smash? He doesn't actually do PK Starstorm in any of the Earthbound/Mother games, but can actually do PK rocking'. It would make sense.

25 Green Giant Flames (Luigi)

You know, for once, I actually want some random idiotic thing that Danteem said on his profile page to become real. - xandermartin98

26 Ultimate Falcon Punch! (Captain Falcon)
27 Blossom Dance (Dunban)

BLOSSOM DANCE! - xandermartin98

28 Genocide (Frisk)
29 Slam Dunked On (Sans)
30 Hyper Sonic (Sonic) Hyper Sonic (Sonic)
31 Swole Dedede (King Dedede)


32 Something With The Halberd (Meta Knight)

I like his current Smash, but it's really tough to pull off. What if he just crashes everything with the Halberd? - Garythesnail

33 Za Warudo and Clown Car Drop (Bowser Jr.)
34 Mega Mushroom (Mario)
35 Omnislash (Cloud)

Cloud got in smash and this is his final smash

36 Za Warudo (Dio Brando)
37 Hyper Beam (Samus)
38 Hammer (Mario)
39 Thunder Hand (Luigi)

This is a reference to Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga. Support!

40 Magitek Armor (Terra)
41 X Upgrade (Mega Man)
42 Eating You (Hades)
43 Reset Bomb (Viridi)
44 Let's Destroy Everything! (Kefka)
45 Luminaire (Crono)
46 Super Nova (Sephiroth)
47 Super Meta Slash (Meta Knight)
48 The Mustard Of Your Doom (Fawful)
49 Reyn Time! (Reyn)
50 Pot Roast (Papyrus)
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1. Masked DeDeDe (King DeDeDe)
2. Super Mushroom (Mario)
3. Lightning Storm (Pikachu)
1. Anime Falcon Punch (Captain Falcon)
2. Arcade Cabinet Drop (Pac-Man)
3. Death Stare (Luigi)


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