Top Ten Ideas for New Team Fortress 2 Classes

What if there was a new class for Team Fortress 2 and which one would you love to see?

The Top Ten Ideas for New Team Fortress 2 Classes

1 Bomberman


Isn't this the same as the denoman.

2 Hacker

Good idea but would be harded]r to think of weapons for it

3 Ninja

Yes if ever valve introduces a tenth class... I would like it to be a some sort of assasin.. Dressed similar to a ninja... But has a teamcoloured headband... Has the speed of a scout... primary-energy weapons... Secondary-gas grenades... Melee-pretty all the existing melee used currently is enough... And I don't want him to just run around... But stand a ground and fight... Removes sappers... Thanks

This could be possible, but there could be weapons for the spy that makes him a ninja.


4 Scavenger

He can pick up items and drop them anywhere

5 Hydro

He would make a good defense.

He would be a Welshman armed with a jetwash, mid range rifle and an umbrella. He would be a support class whose water would slow down enemies and extinguish teammates.
Over time he would build up a charge by soaking people. Upon this charge he will project a shield of water which blocks fire and makes incoming damage be 50% less.

6 Scientist

This class will be a crazy man of science (much like the Medic) who relies on Chemical and Biological Warfare (and robots). He will have 150 health and 100% speed. He will have immunity to his own status effects. He will naturally generate a little robot helicopter drone every 30 seconds that he is alive, and it will follow him around the map, attacking enemies with gas (up to ten metres away with no range-falloff), and protecting the Scientist with a temporary shield (like the Vaccinator). He can generate up to 3 at any one time, and the bots can be killed by enemies. The bots have 50 health, and their gas will slow the movement speed of opponents, but will not deal any damage. The shields generated by the bots will protect the Scientist from any randomly selected damage source by 10% (either melee, bullet, fire/bleed, explosive or liquids [ie Jarate and Mad Milk]). Bots can only generate one shield at a time (3 bots means 3 shields), and will instantly generate another one once the ...more - JargoNautilus

He sounds cool

He sounds sooo cool
If he was added I would probably main him

7 Samurai
8 Unicorn

Don't add this. Ever.

Yay yay the unicorn might be Rarity or Twilight Sparkle. - MusicalPony


9 Heavy Birdy Guy

He's A BIRD he's A PLAE NO he's A...fat guy witha bird head...

10 Cryro


A pyro that froze to death at pl_frontier. He is now back for revenge, his air blast will launch icicles, his axe will freeze your enemies, and his snowgun will be shot up your brain...

The Newcomers

? Detective
? Cyborg

The Contenders

11 Tryhard
12 Jumpman

You know he would be in the air and going down with a parachute, That will be one of his items

13 Commando

A class with rifles am LMGs as primary, shotguns or pistols or double pistols and a crowbar and more as Meele
It has 175 health and is balanced

14 Painis Cupcake
15 Magician
16 Guard Dog
17 The Hitman

This is kinda the same as Sniper and Spy. - Mumbizz01

Awesome 300 and a mini,sniper,scatter guns and a bat

Fast as a scout,accuracy of a sniper, power of a heavy.need I say more no.
200 health and Japanese, Irishman or Chinese. I don't care which. Talk about “PERFECT"

18 Squeaker

The average 12-year old who's primary is an Xbox 360 controller
secondary- Gatorade or a pistol

19 Officer
20 Pilot
21 Saboteur
22 Cook
23 Civilian

He was in TF classic

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