Best Ideas for the Next Treyarch Call of Duty Game

They could make a new series, or continue a previous series. How will Treyarch respond to Infinity Ward's Ghosts series?

The Top Ten

1 World at War 2
2 Black Ops 3

Why? It's not like Black Ops 2 was any good.

3 New series set in the past

We've had so many Call of Duty games set in the future, that we should now have one telling real stories of the past. The only problem would be that setting it in the past would mean the game would seem less advanced, like World At War did with Call of Duty 4, so Treyarch would have to pull it off really well to beat Infinity Ward's sales. - EvilAngel

Black Ops was supposed to be that. A series set in the Cold War. The first one was in the 60s, and Black Ops 2 was supposed to be in the 70s, continuing the story and getting into big events of the 70s, and maybe even ending with the Jonestown massacre.

But no, Treyarch just decided to hop into the future bandwagon and ruined their story.

4 All zombies game

Name should probably be called Call of Duty: Zombie Ops

Campaign with zombies, as well as the classic rounds-zombies games, along with a multiplayer with zombies killstreaks and emblems. - EvilAngel

5 New series set in the far future

The series should be set 90 years from today in the year 2104.

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