Top Ten Ideas for the Pokemon Anime

Pokemon Anime has 18 seasons already but it's needs a new plot. Here is some ideas for this beloved franchise.

The Top Ten Ideas for the Pokemon Anime

1 Focus on Misty and Her Journey

Since we've not seen Misty in over decade it really be nice focus on Misty for season, we see her catch pokemon and go to Victory Road. - Randomteenager

2 Focus Less on Team Rocket

Team Rocket Always cause's mischief but they're in nearly all the episodes. The always lose but if we see them make sure they would win, it would be entertaining. - Randomteenager

3 Gym Battles More Often

This series is known to drag so it's gets kind of boring. They often spend 8 episodes to get the city their battling at and then one or two episodes at the city. If they catch more pokemon on the way it would be more the game but Ash is too stupid to catch good pokemon, if he's does he releases them. - Randomteenager

4 Less of Ash

He is in every season so it would nice to see a change like Misty or Brock for example. - Randomteenager

5 See More of Brock

Like I said, it would be nice to have to see Brock in 10 episodes or so. - Randomteenager

6 Focus on a New Trainer

For the next season maybe we can have someone new for a change instead of boring, dumb old Ash. - Randomteenager

7 Let Ash Make His Dreams

Ash never becomes a pokemon master in 18 seasons but maybe he will in the next season. - Randomteenager

8 Learn More of the Pokemon

This is pokemon, right? Since Ash only catches 5 pokemon per series or so maybe at least learn about other pokemon other than Ash's. - Randomteenager

9 See Pikachu Evolve

Pikachu never evolves so maybe it's time to see him grow. - Randomteenager

10 Raichu Evolves

They would lose marketing money - boltslegend

Raichu cannot evolve

The Contenders

11 Do a Throwback for Older Fans

Maybe have memories of Brock, Misty, May, Delia (Ash's Mother) etc. - Randomteenager

12 A New Main Character
13 Make a Version Based on the Games

With Red and Leaf as the main characters, focusing on the true story, no Ash, no pokemons who say their own name, team rocket are serious villains - corinha

14 Coma Theory is Proven

I can't dream when in a coma - boltslegend

15 Make the Anime Have a Slightly More Mature Audience
16 Ash Revisits Pallet Town

Literally every series he does - boltslegend

17 Ash Get Aura Powers
18 Serena Comes Back
19 Let Ash Age
20 Porygon Comes Back

But without seizures this time. - Ilovestephanie

21 Make Ash Use Mega Evolution
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