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1 Run Away With Me

This song title is nice it brings many lyrics to your mind

Love it

2 Hit Me Baby
3 I Will Hurt You

Sounds like a bossy bitch

Sounds bitchy

4 This Girl Hates Mondays

I don't know

I used it it is amazing

I think it’s a good title because it can relate to any age really and you go wild with the song 🥳

5 Tears of Dead People

Love it, it gave me a melody and a piece of lyric in an instant.

6 Cookies 'N Cream
7 Royalty

It is a really good name

This name is quite amazing in it's own way as well as very proper and posh. I like a lot! It makes the song feel royal and special!


8 The Body of Boys

?!?!? WHAT?!

9 Gone Girl
10 Goner

I'm a goner
Somebody catch my breath...

I'm a goner
somebody catch my breath


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11 Fire Burns Inside

Best song title in the history of the world

12 Black Light

The chorus can go, This is just out of my reach. I can't quite get it! but baby you're the black light waiting for me

13 Face to Face
14 Phoenix's Fire

love it

15 Lip Gloss Stains

This is a great idea it could have any meaning

16 12345678910
17 Murderous Miracle

Good title

Maybe the chorus goes: "How I am that lonely in the stars? Where did I all go wrong and take this too far? I'm not gonna say it no more. (No no) I'm gonna have it all tore. I am not okay and I promise. I might punch life with my fist. Woe is me, I'm in a full circle? Oh, baby, it was all right from here like a murderous miracle."

Reminds me of a 90's grunge rock song with teen angst lyrics from 2000's emo songs.

18 This Song Has No Title

Elton John/Bernie Taupin - Billyv

19 Shoulda Wrote a Song
20 Shouldacouldawoulda
21 Trapped in a Romantic Movie Love Scene
22 N.I.K.E.

It could stand for: No Innocence Kill Everyone

23 I Will (Shine a Light on You)
24 Now You Know (How to Sink or Swim)
25 Sweet Angst

The lyrics goes like: "I got some sweet angst, baby. I'm faster than the speed of light. Coming in and coming out. I'm sort of like out of sight. I have a good sweet angst, baby. I might crack the codes. I'm a teenage girl with some common sense. Oh, I'm taking the show on the road, yeah! "

26 I Left Lip Gloss On My Sandwich
27 Old Ghosts
28 Flowers and Wine
29 Typical Teen Pop Song
30 Inside Stories
31 She Gets What She Wants (But Needs What She Gets)
32 Between Scylla and Charybdis
33 Phantom Circus
34 Don't Speak Ever Again
35 Arms Race With Legs

Good song suggestion been writing songs for 6 years and needed help with a song tital and my songs were all the rock genre

36 Metamorphosisters
37 Girls' Night Out and Sleepover Night
38 Girly Sleepover
39 The Hand that Rocked the Queen
40 Dragon's Dance
41 Deprivation
42 Apocalyptic Anthem
43 His Real Name is Clarence

by Eminem - mallette13

44 The Lightest Red
45 The Ghost Race
46 Metamorphosis
47 Better Luck Next Time (Today or Tonight)
48 I'm Not a Goner, I'm One of the Girls at a Varsity Sleepover Night
49 The Queen of the Good Girls (That Rocked Everybody)
50 Not Your Typical Teen Pop (Rock Song)
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1. Run Away With Me
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