Top 10 Ideas for Squid Game Season 2

Season 1 of Squid Game was released a month ago. While Season 2 hasn't been confirmed yet, there is a possibility in the near future that a second season could be made so there is bound to be some potential ideas for the next Squid Games

Possible SPOILERS for those who didn't watch the series or finish the first season yet.
The Top Ten
1 Seong Gi-Hun Plays Again

Considering the ending where Seong Gi-Hun ignores the Front Man's advice to stay on the plane, it makes sense he may try to avenge his dead friends by playing the games again and hoping to take them down once and for all. He may even use his experience in helping other players in surviving the games.

2 Jun-Ho Returns

Despite seemingly being shot by In-Ho (his lost brother) and falling off a cliff there is a possibility that he is still alive. Granted he shot him in the shoulder as opposed to his heart (which would likely have killed him) Jun-Ho may have survived the shot and could possibly return next season. What may happen next though is open to speculation.

3 In-Ho's Past is Revealed

It would be interesting to know how did In-Ho became the Front Man of the games, what happened to him before and after the he won the 2015 competition (as stated in the SG archives) and what's his relationship with his brother.

4 Feature Squid Game International Contests

The VIPs made a comment about how the Korean version being the best they've ever seen which (horrifyingly) implies that there are other countries also hosting their own versions of the Squid Games. It would be a great idea worth exploring.

5 Il-Nam's Past is Revealed
6 Feature Past Squid Games
7 Racist Villains
8 Show the Masked Personnel's Lives

We've seen Jun-Ho being able to infiltrate the Games by disguising as one of the Masked Men. It would be interesting though to dive into the lives of the people who work under this deadly competition and how do they get recruited.

9 The Games Get Taken Down for Good
10 Explain The Salesman

The person who recruits players for the Squid Games. How does he work with the Squid Games administration? How does he know everyone's predicament? How much do we know about him? Season 2 provides a good opportunity to shed more light on him

The Contenders
11 Additional Games are Added

There are many other children's games that could potentially be added to the games such as Dodge ball, Capture the Flag, or even Hide and Seek (which would make for good slasher film style horror). This would also make the games more interesting and unpredictable so that Gi-Hun (and any past players who wish to play again) would have a more difficult time formulating a concrete strategy to survive

12 Gi-Hun Becomes a Pink Soldier Like Jun-Ho
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