Top 10 Ideas for a Super Smash Bros. Character Announcement

A NEW CHALLENGER IS APPROACHING! Oh wait. Never mind. There's more than one. This is going to be one huge fight.

The Top Ten

1 PlayStation All Stars Battle It Up!

Super Smash Bros.

2 Taylor Swift Shakes It Off!

Get it? Taylor Swift? Shake It Off? Anybody? Come on! I know you get it.

3 Ronald McDonald Is Lovin' It!

I get it! This is so good! - BlueTopazIceVanilla

4 Conker the Squirrel Goes Nuts!

Whenever someone mentions Conker the Squirrel, the first thing that comes in mind is Conker's Bad Fur Day.

5 Nintendo 64 Says "Get N Or Get Out"!

It's time for the Nintendo 64 to get N the battle.

6 Frogger Hops In The Battle!
7 Elsa Lets it Go!

Good one! But seriously, if she was in the game then she would be a pretty powerful character. - BlueTopazIceVanilla


8 Ariana Grande Breaks Free!

Ariana Grande in a game? How would she even fight? With knife-like heels and whiplash scarves? Now that I think about it, she could make a good character… - BlueTopazIceVanilla

9 Rabbids Invade The Competition!
10 Alphys is a Weeaboo!

The Contenders

11 The Angry Video Game Nerd Goes Back To The Past!
12 Freddy Fazbear's Gang Take The Stage!
13 Smile Dog Spreads The Word!
14 Quote Tells Everyone A Cave Story!
15 Conker Is Rated M For Mature!
16 Earthworm Jim Gets His Groove On!
17 Fawful Squirts The Mustard Of Your Doom!
18 Enderman Will End You!
19 Andy Forgets What An Airport Is!
20 Balrog Looks Like A Toaster!
21 Eggman Eggs You On!
22 Rocko Redefines Modern Life!
23 Shulk Is Really Feeling It!
24 Protoman Wears Sunglasses Underneath His Shades!
25 Dr. Wily Is At It Again!
26 Tails Propels Himself Into Battle!
27 King Leads The Mimigas To Victory!
28 Frisk Represents The Indie Game Equivalent To Final Fantasy VII!
29 Sans Gives You a Bad Time!
30 Papyrus Makes Delicious Spaghetti Out of Your Innards!
31 Undyne Makes a Wonderful Shish-Kebab Out of Your Face!
32 Clemont creates the win!
33 The Burger King brings on the whopper
34 Ghandi Drops the Bomb
35 Reggie Gives Us Mother 3

That Robot Chicken skit was hilarious.

36 Iwata Instructs the Match
37 Goku Wants to Test Your Strength
38 Shrek Takes Ogre

Get it? Takes OGRE?!

39 Pillsbury Doughboy Turns Up the Heat
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