Top Ten Ideas for Survivor Season 35

The Top Ten
1 Heroes vs Villains 2

Hate me for this, I'd love to see David from MvGX on the Villains.

2 Second Chance 2
3 Battle Of The Sexes 4
4 All Stars Brain, Brawn, Beauty
5 Winners vs Runner Ups

Or everyone that made a ftc, but never won or came back this far

6 Winners vs Winners
7 Best To Have Never Won

I would love to see another heroes vs villains and second chance. Amazing seasons! But this could be great too.

8 Multiple Locations
9 No Immunity Idol

Yes. They put way to many in one season. -Jonz

10 Redemption Island
The Contenders
11 Fans vs Favorites 3

More like massacre of fans, I doubt a fan will ever win against half a cast of returning players

I love a fan vs favorite, but fans seem to only win against a returnee team captain

To the person who added this, It crossed my mind but since the past two FvF seasons were on 16 and 26 I assumed FvF 3 would be season 36 - thedeadthebadandthedexter00

12 Big Brother Alumni vs Survivor Alumni
13 Game Changers 2
14 Battle of the Prejury
15 Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers
16 Ghost Island
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