Top Ten Ideas for a Total Drama Special

There has been no special since Action, so why not make these?

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1 Amy vs. Sammy Showdown (30 minutes)

It would be fun if amy won - simpsondude

An Amy versus Sandy Showdown is held, and the two compete against each other. In the end, Sammy wins. - Turkeyasylum

Amy wins, but also learns to be nicer to her sister.

2 Total Drama Game Show (1 hour)

All the classic contestants except Blaineley (she got her own show) compete in a game show run by Chris for $50,000. Chef reads the questions, and the 16 highest scores get to be in the new season. Who made it:
Heather, LeShawna, Gwen, Courtney, Lindsay (somehow), Izzy, Beth, Bridgette, Owen, Duncan, Noah, Geoff, Alejandro, Cody, Trent, and Tyler. 8 newbies join in as well. - Turkeyasylum

3 Total Drama: The Movie (2 hours)

The Total Drama Contestants meet again, because they were invited to a luxury beach resort trip. But, as a catch, the contestants must stay at the beach resort for one month. They cannot leave, even if they end up clashing with their rival. - Turkeyasylum

4 LeShawna Beats the Crap Outta Heather

I like this idea. - Garythesnail

They would have to change the title,"Heather Gets Some" - DapperPickle

I like the name - simpsondude

I love the name and the idea - BlueDiamondFromNowhere

5 Total Drama Reunion (1 hour)

All the classic contestants (season 1-3) are reunited, and forced to stay on an island together on camera. The catch: If they leave the island, they don't get to compete in the new season. Overall, only Courtney, Cody (to escape Sierra), and Sierra (to chase Cody), don't make it in. The new season's cast is decided. - Turkeyasylum

I would like it if all made it.

I would love this!


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6 Chris Gets Arrested (1 hour)

Chris gets arrested, and Chef declares the winner of a race among all Total Drama Contestants will be the new host. Heather comes out as the winner, but a fraud reveals that she cheated, and the real winner was Blaineley. - Turkeyasylum

Yes he needs to be. - Garythesnail

Hello! Total Drama All Stars!

I think blainley would be a lame host. I like the Chris and Chef host thing. Make blainley a co host, that's not as bad, but never as main host. I find blainley overrated. - Therandom

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7 Total Drama All Stars 2

It should have:Brick, Noah, Geoff, Trent, Tyler, Ezekiel, Harold, Beth, Izzy, Leshauna, ever, Katie, Sadie and Bridgette. - DapperPickle

Do this with Emma, McArther, Brodie, Geoff, Bridgette, Harold, Noah, Owen, Jasmine, Katie, Sadie, Sky, Beth, Zoey, Blainly (you know, why the heck not), Gwen, Trent, and Scot.

These aren't my favorites, but I think they would make a good season. - HYDRAflash

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8 Chef Quits (1 hour)

Chef finally gets his own cooking show, and quits. Chris tries to cook, and fails miserably. Finally, Chef decides to return. Also, a recap of how life's been treating the contestants. - Turkeyasylum

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9 Scarlett's Dark Side Returns

This sounds like a really great idea.

10 Heather Tries to Steal the Money Again (15 minutes) V 1 Comment

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11 Total Drama Couples Race

Better if there was a whole series where all of the couples came back and instead of one person being eliminated a couple is eliminated. You have to be in a couple to compete so if once on the show you and your partner break up then you have to find another partner quick or you will be disqualified. Also it would be better if some of the contestants weren't paired with the person they were going out with because then there would be loads of jealous

This idea is awesome! It'll consist of all the original couples too. 10 teams of 2!

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12 Tyler's Sports Fails (15 minutes)
13 Friday 13: El Chupacabras V 1 Comment
14 Noah Takes on Duncan (15 minutes)

Where Noah finally gets his revenge on Duncan by grabbing a machete and stabbing him in the gut :D

15 Total Drama/Wizards of Waverly Place Crossover
16 Mike's Personalities Return

This has got to happen for him to come back.

17 The Break of Dawn (1 hour)

Dawn reveals a "cloudy outlook" on the future. The Total Drama Contestants are then locked in a house together. One by one, they begin to disappear, and everyone thinks they are dead. But in reality, Chris was letting them out one by one. - Turkeyasylum

I would like that a lot. It would give you the feeling of the tda detective challenge again.

18 Cody brings Gwen and Sierra to his bedroom and closes the door

This is my favorite thing ever- abby



Johnny guess what
What billy
We're getting pizza

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19 What Happened to Them

The truth on what happened to the contestants who flew away on balloons. Did they survive? Yes. But how did they get down? - DoraTheExplorerFan

20 Owen Tries a Diet (15 minutes)

I'm pretty sure he already did that at the end of season 2

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