Top Ten Ideas for a Total Drama Special

There has been no special since Action, so why not make these?

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21 Duncan's Secret Girlfriend (30 minutes)
22 Gwen Gets Eaten by Sharks and Duncan Proposes to Courtney

This should have happened season 2! Gwen is mean for taking someone else's man, the sharks should have got her, and Duncan propose to Courtney before Gwen and Duncan had a chance to hook up.

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23 Duncan Slaps Gwen

Slap the whore slap the whore haha. Play slap slap revolution.

24 TotalBob DramaPants

Spongebob squarepants reference

25 Who's Tyler?
26 Drama Bots
27 Heather Abuse

Gwen gets ULTIMATE revenge on Heather in this one.

28 A Christmas Episode
29 Seeing Outside of Total Drama (Houses, School, the City, No One Competes)

Where Chris gets a day by day routine of each camper and how they live their personal lives!

30 Swap Bodies
31 Total Drama Talent Show
32 Crimson and Gwen Goth BFF'S

I have seen this idea on DeviantArt! That would be a neat idea!

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33 Topher Gets His Own Show

I am actually writing a fanfiction about this, where Topher creates his own version of Total Drama called Total Mayhem, films it it the local park and uploads it online. - Wolftail

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34 Brody and Courtney vs. Geoff and Bridgette

Bridgette should set Courtney up with Brody, by the way.

35 Brody and Geoff's After Party!

To celebrate them winning Ridonculous Race.

36 Gwuncan or Duncney? (30 minutes)

This is a special where Duncan is faced with a decision: Would he rather date Courtney or Gwen? - Turkeyasylum

Courtney is a nice girl, and Gwen is a loser. Duncney all the way!

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37 Total Drama Twerk Contest

God no, that would be disgusting. - DoraTheExplorerFan

It would be really hot to see Tammy twerk.

Tammy needs to Twerk soon hot.

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38 Total Drama 10 Years Later

Where they'd all be 26!
I could picture Duncan and Courtney living together. Courtney would be a lawyer/businesswoman and Duncan would have a simple job. Courtney might be pregnant or something. Trent would go on music tours with Gwen, who'd be an artist. Lindsay would be a fashion designer and Tyler would be a coach (since he didn't see him playing sports anytime soon). Bridgette would work at a Surf Shack while Geoff would probably just stay at home with their kid. Leshawna could be one of those hair stylists that would always talk to their customers while doing their hair and Harold would be a computer programmer. Owen would probably try to get a job and fail and Izzy would work for the RCMP in disguise.

Where we get the scoop on how the campers are living their future lives! Some are married, some have children, some are still living with their parents, and some are homeless! Who knows?

You know all those fanfictions about total drama 10 year later? This would be what really happened. - Turkeyasylum

39 Blizzard in Muskoka (1 hour)

Chris begins a new season, but due to a blizzard, it gets cancelled, and the contestants struggle to survive. - Turkeyasylum

40 Total Drama Song Collage
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