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101 Scarlett: The Hot Nerdy Evil Genius
102 Gwen and Trent: Becoming Lovers Again V 1 Comment
103 Geoff and Bridgette Gets Courtney and Brody Together

Duncan cries, Courtney and Brody kiss!

This could maybe happen since they are all friends.

104 Josee Wins Her Gold Medal

She tried so hard :(

105 Sky Hooks Up With Dave

This has got to happen already.

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106 Sky Becomes a Model

Sky is already a model! Look at her, she's the prettiest!

107 Total Drama Party Beach House

Kind of like Jersey shore.

108 Total Drama Ridonculous Race Couples

Most of them are already couples though, unless you mean all the Total Drama couples over the seasons.

109 Total Drama Married
110 Alejandro's salsa dancing

This would be hilarious!

111 Alejandro and Heather: Total Drama Aftermath

They replace Geoff and Bridgette as the aftermath couple!

They would be funnier hosts in aftermath than Geoff and Bridgette.

112 The Crimson and Ryan show

Cause you know, how awesome would that be?

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113 Crimson becomes the new aftermath host

She shouldn't replace Geoff and Bridgette, but she could join them.

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114 Izzy Wins a Bikini Contest

I would pay to see this happen! Izzy is gorgeous.

Izzy would win any contest.

115 Josee Goes On a Date

I would love to see her with a boyfriend!

That date will be with Jacques ;) mark my words.

116 Jacques and Josee Throw a Christmas Party

All the Total Drama contestants are invited!

117 Beardo's After Party
118 Dawn Wins a Beauty Pageant

Because she is the prettiest girl!

119 Dawn, Ella and Sammy "Samey" Have a Hot Tub Party In Chris's Hot Tub

This sounds really hot

120 Katie Takes Brody Shopping V 2 Comments
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