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121 Crimson becomes the new aftermath host

She shouldn't replace Geoff and Bridgette, but she could join them.

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122 Izzy Wins a Bikini Contest

I would pay to see this happen! Izzy is gorgeous.

Izzy would win any contest.

123 Josee Goes On a Date

I would love to see her with a boyfriend!

That date will be with Jacques ;) mark my words.

124 Jacques and Josee Throw a Christmas Party

All the Total Drama contestants are invited!

125 Beardo's After Party
126 Dawn Wins a Beauty Pageant

Because she is the prettiest girl!

127 Dawn, Ella and Sammy "Samey" Have a Hot Tub Party In Chris's Hot Tub

This sounds really hot

128 Katie Takes Brody Shopping V 2 Comments
129 Cody and Katie Have Breakfast at Tiffany's

Based off of the song Breakfast at Tiffany's, these two came to my mind. Yeah I know I'm random lol.

130 Scott Joins the Ridonculous Race

They had better add Scott, he can be paired with Rodney since they are both country boys.

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131 Gwen and Beardo Get Married

I would pick Gwen with Bear do over Gwen with Duncan any day. As long as he starts talking.

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132 Total Drama Super Heroes

The Total Drama contestants develop super powers and get sent to a Mutant acedemy facility to live and train.

133 Kitty and Stephanie Have a Bikini Car Wash

Guys would pay so much to watch them wash cars

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134 Total Drama Prom

Chris hosts a first ever Total Drama prom, which contestants will go with which?

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135 Cody and Sierra Stranded

Cody is forced to admit his feelings for Sierra when they get stranded on an island together.

This really should happen, it would give them major character development. Cody and Sierra would understand each other a little better.

136 Justin and Alejandro Host a Bedroom Party

They invite Jasmine, Blaineley, Anne Maria, Taylor, Sugar, and Katie, who all show up in skimpy sexy lingerie.

137 Devin and Anne Maria Make Out

Devin belongs with Carrie, Anne Maria belongs with Ezekiel.

138 Justin's Photo Shoot

He always has photo shoots. He's a male model -_-

139 Jasmine Misses Australia So Shawn Takes Her for a Surprise Trip

It's really romantic too

This is so sweet. Could be a movie.

140 Owen and Blaineley Move In Together

They are so cute in world tour together.

They are cute in world tour

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