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141 Total Drama Twerk Contest

God no, that would be disgusting. - DoraTheExplorerFan

It would be really hot to see Tammy twerk.

Tammy needs to Twerk soon hot.

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142 Marriage Is Great

How about Duncan and Courtney get married, and YOU have to be the flower girl DoraTheExplorerFan.

Duncan and Gwen get married, and Courtney has to be the flower girl. - DoraTheExplorerFan

143 Sam Joins PETA

This will never happen. PETA is everything Sam is against. - Turkeyasylum

144 Mike and Zoey's Wedding Day V 1 Comment
145 Gay Owen

Oh, goody. This list is turning into another SpongeBob Season 10 recommendation list. - Garythesnail

Owen isn't gay, he's got a thing for Izzy!

146 Total Drama/Pretty Little Liars Crossover

I added this thinking it was a good idea. After watching memes, I realised it made no sense at all and that I mostly won't happen - BlueDiamondFromNowhere

This would suck.

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