Top Ten Best Ideas for a TV Episode Title

The Top Ten

1 I Don't Karaoke!
2 The Tourist
3 American Lie


4 Little Bitty Pretty One

That should be a good song title. 😉 - Fandomstuck

5 Blacked Friday
6 Funny Man, Punny Man

Doesn't involve Luan Loud meeting her boyfriend who is a comic relief? - Fandomstuck

7 Stage Fight
8 A Floss Full of Words
9 AM to PM
10 Never Had a Dream Come True

The Contenders

11 Pitch Slap
12 Girl Power
13 The Zituation
14 Lies that Bind
15 My Little Phony
16 What Makes You Beautiful (Makes You Different)

Reminds me of a one direction song. I might use this as a backyardigans reboot episode. - Ilovestephanie

17 Gothed Out
18 Prank'd!
19 Lisperers
20 Small Girl in Big Worlds
21 The Buntouchables
22 May I Have This (Insert Word that Rhymes with Dance Here)?
23 Save the Last (Insert Word that Rhymes with Dance Here)

For example: Save the Last Chance, Save the Last Trance, and Save the Last Pants (that was random). - Fandomstuck

24 Show and Tell Me
25 Who's Afraid of the Big Bad (Insert Word or Name Here)?
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