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The Biggs

Shouldn't it be called Cheaper by the Dozen meets The Brady Bunch where this about 16 kids and their parents? It's about the Biggs family where there are 16 kids! 8 girls and 8 boys!

That would totally rip off The Loud House, The Brady Bunch, Cheaper by the Dozen, Yours, Mine and Ours and other shows that focus on families. 😒😣 I wonder if there are 16 kids of this family.

Kids and their age range:
Andie - 23
Peter - 22
Tori - 20
Rose - 19
Angel - 17
Lucas - 15
Mary, Alex, and Taylor - 14 (triplets)
Lucia - 13
Ruben - 12
Nina - 11
Josh 10
Claire - 8
Lea - 6
Tara - 4

Their parents' names were Jonathanan and Amy...

This might be totally a huge ripoff to Cheaper by the Dozen. 😒 And I don't care for the plot idea.

Geek Girl and Nerd Boy

A geek girl and her nerdy friend survives the ways of school and everything. They're teenagers just because they like the things they do doesn't mean it's true! From video games to a comic convention!

It sounds really funny and sounds like a whole story of me life where I’m the geek girl!

A Nightmare on Willowbee Street

Good horror series for teen girls and boys.

Ding Dong! Your Time is Up!
How I Survive Middle School

I’m not American but I think it’s good!

Ghost In the Mirror

Possibly a horror T.V. show about ghosts inside mirrors like Bloody Mary.

That sounds like a good T.V. show about ghosts. 😊

Good Night, Sleep Tight, Don't Let the Demon Bite!
My Tapeworm Tells Me What To Do
The Fox's Wedding

It will be like a Twin Peaks-esque T.V. show.

Horror Heights

Make it more like Pepper Ann meets Twin Peaks with a twist of The X-Files and make the plot about a teenager who meets up with the strangest situations and solves mysteries. She works as an FBI agent at Horror Heights.

Awesome name it’s like a horror movie idea!

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I Love You A Lottie!

This show is about Lottie, who is 14 and must survives the lives of middle school and high school. Like the comedy version of Degrassi meets Pepper Ann.

The title was pun intended and the plot was the same thing.

Livin' the Life with the Stereotypes
The Witch with the Model Village

This might be Tokyo Mew Mew meets Adventure Time. This is about a freshman who became a superheroine named Catgirl, a human with cat ears and tails and has cat-like reflexes.

Hat girl in the movies is really a pleb. :l

It's like a ripoff of Tokyo Mew Mew, but I don't care for the title idea nor the plot. Better than the school ones. 😐

The Lesbian Club

It's an LGBT-themed cartoon show mistaken for a teen sitcom. It's about lesbians who start a club for lesbians. It has 0% toilet jokes and 1000% good morals about perfection, life, being yourself, and showing how to be lesbian and kiss a girl. It doesn't have teen pregnancy and cheating boyfriends.

That’s So a-Cravin

A play on That’s so Raven

Harvard Girls

I really like this name but I think it should have a bit more "sarcasm" in it.

The Backyardigans: Live Action
Sky Heart
Jump In The Fire
I Was a Collage Child

This might be about a 7-year-old being a smart and clever girl that can go to college.

Souls of the Sea
The Bionic Bunny Show

An Arthur spin off series

I love this idea

Chimp Lips Theater (The Series)

It would be cool and funny if the chimps do Abridges on Outlaw Star, Cowboy Bebop, Digimon, One Piece, Naruto, Bleach, Trigun, Magzinger, Teen Titans, Final Fantasy 7, Final Fantasy Advent Children, Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy and other shows and video games

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