Top 10 Ideas for a Western Animation Cartoon

Cartoon Network, Nick and other shows on other channels suck these days, so let's fix them with our own ideas. Hopefully an intern will stumble upon this list and make them true.

The Top Ten

1 A superhero show set in 16th Century London about a girl with nightmare themed powers. She got the powers when she was bitten by a demon (who seeks to make her his queen) as a child, and desires to destroy the demon so she can be rid of her powers

Really good idea - BorisRule

That will be a great idea

2 A Romanian Mythology themed show about a girl who crosses a portal to an alternate dimension and fights Romanian Mythical monsters so she can save her adoptive younger sister
3 A Slice of Life show set in New York City about a teenage girl who aspires to be a comic book writer, and the adventures she has with her roommates

Girl this is doomed for failure and a lot of annoying characters this show will be like a animated version of bizzardbark or whatever it’s called meaning it’s gonna be horrible. No offense but unless you have a damn script for them all these ideas sucks lol - HollowArrow

4 A Mermaid who's in love with a Phoenix (who can shapeshift into a human form)
5 The adventures of a boy who aspires to be a baker who is forced to host demons from the underworld in his bakery

That would be AWESOME!

6 Cinderella told from the step-sister's perspective, where she is good and Cinderella is antagonistic

That idea was already used during an episode of 'Grimm.' - clusium

7 On the new year at her school, a girl decides to finally get revenge on the bully who taunted her for years, and to get elected class president as well

The plot was way better than those kind of teen sitcoms. - StevenUniverseIsAwesome

8 Little Red Riding Hood but in 12th Century Britain and she fights liches for a living
9 Pegasus, Kumiho and Manticore team up to being their kingdom of outcasts to the first place in the yearly "Kingdom of the Year" contest
10 A Slice of Life show about a girl who's stepfather runs a school for rock and metal musicians

The plot reminds me of School of Rock. - StevenUniverseIsAwesome

The Contenders

11 A dramedy-action cartoon about five teens who go on a wild adventure to stop The Yellow General and eventually must save the universe
12 A show about a teenage girl exploring her sexual identity
13 A show about 2 people who live far away from each other but can communicate through dreams
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