Top 10 Ideas for What Nintendo Could Do With Sonic the Hedgehog

If Nintendo owned Sonic the Hedgehog, what would they do?

The Top Ten

Have him appear in more crossover spin-offs with Mario

We already have Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games. Now, let's have them do something else.
1. Mario & Sonic Kart
2. Mario & Luigi: The Sonic Adventure

Be in a Game & Watch game

Mario characters appeared in all of the Game & Watch Gallery games. Now, it's Sonic's turn.

Meet Kirby
Crossover with The Legend of Zelda series

This would be better than the Sonic Storybook series.

Remake Sonic R

I liked the concept of sonic r and it think if it was remade today, it would be much better

Nintendo makes better racing games than Sega, so why not?

Give him the ability to swim

SEGA: Hedgehogs can't swim..we think.
Nintendo: Frog suits & penguin suits can help Mario swim better.
If Nintendo knows frogs & penguins swim, they should know hedgehogs can swim too.

Have him crossover with Splatoon
Make him appear in Animal Crossing

There are the Able Sisters, Sable, Labelle & Mabel. All of them are hedgehogs like Sonic, and Mabel is blue like him. I was thinking Sonic would be their brother.

Turn him into a Pokémon

Sonic (Normal Type) -------Thunder Stone--------> Super Sonic (Electric Type)
Moon Stone
Werehog (Dark & Fighting Type)
NAMES: Sonku (Sonic), Kiiku (Super Sonic) & Okazumi (Werehog)
Sonku is Sonikku (Sonic in Japanese) without the I, or other K.
Kiiku is Kiiro (Yellow in Japanese) & Sonikku combined.
Okazumi is Ōkami (wolf in Japanese) & Harinezumi (Hedgehog in Japanese).

Put him in a Rhythm Heaven game

Make him do anything in that game, even a cameo appearance.

The Contenders

Have him be in Mario Kart 9

U mean mario kart tour?

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