Top 10 Ideas for What Nintendo Could Do With Sonic the Hedgehog

If Nintendo owned Sonic the Hedgehog, what would they do?

The Top Ten

1 Have him appear in more crossover spin-offs with Mario

We already have Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games. Now, let's have them do something else.
1. Mario & Sonic Kart
2. Mario & Luigi: The Sonic Adventure

2 Be in a Game & Watch game

Mario characters appeared in all of the Game & Watch Gallery games. Now, it's Sonic's turn.

3 Meet Kirby
4 Crossover with The Legend of Zelda series

This would be better than the Sonic Storybook series.

5 Remake Sonic R

I liked the concept of sonic r and it think if it was remade today, it would be much better

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6 Give him the ability to swim

SEGA: Hedgehogs can't swim..we think.
Nintendo: Frog suits & penguin suits can help Mario swim better.
If Nintendo knows frogs & penguins swim, they should know hedgehogs can swim too.

7 Have him crossover with Splatoon
8 Make him appear in Animal Crossing

There are the Able Sisters, Sable, Labelle & Mabel. All of them are hedgehogs like Sonic, and Mabel is blue like him. I was thinking Sonic would be their brother.

9 Turn him into a Pokémon
10 Put him in a Rhythm Heaven game

Make him do anything in that game, even a cameo appearance.

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11 Have him be in Mario Kart 9

U mean mario kart tour?

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