Top 10 Ideas On a Remake of Sonic the Hedgehog (1991)

There aren't that many people that know, like, talk, or care about Sonic the Hedgehog anymore. Maybe, if he was remade, he can finally be back in grace once again. Let's have him get back to grace where he used to be.
The Top Ten
Have all of the zones from both the Genesis version & 8-Bit version.

The 8-Bit Version is on the Master System & Game Gear.
Let's check out the zones. Some of them are in both versions.
Genesis: 8-Bit Version:
1. Green Hill Zone
2. Marble Zone 2. Bridge Zone
3. Spring Yard Zone 3. Jungle Zone
4. Labyrinth Zone
5. Starlight Zone 5. Scrap Brain Zone
6. Scrap Brain Zone 6. Sky Base Zone
7. Final Zone
Now, let's put them all in this order.
Green Hill Zone -> Bridge Zone -> Jungle Zone -> Marble Zone -> Spring Yard Zone -> Labyrinth Zone -> Starlight Zone -> Scrap Brain Zone -> Sky Base Zone -> Final Zone
VoilĂ ! This remake should have all of these 10 zones! Nostalgia!

Have Sonic do his spin dash.

Name of Move: Spin Dash
Video Game It First Appeared In: Sonic the Hedgehog 2

Have Sonic swim.

SEGA: Hedgehogs can't swim.
REAL LIFE: Hey, look. A swimming hedgehog. Sega is so dumb.

Have it be a Nintendo console exclusive.

Of course. Everybody wants Sonic to be a Nintendo character, and no longer the mascot of Sega. I agree. Sega doesn't take him seriously anymore. They should sell him to Nintendo.

Put Miles Tails Prower in it.

Yeah, I know. He first appeared in Sonic the Hedgehog 2, but come on. I know you guys love Sonic's two tailed sidekick.

Introduce Splats.

Splats is an enemy that was cut during develop of Sonic's first game.

Add in Amiibo support.

Amiibos for This:
-Sonic the Hedgehog
-The Mario Bros.
-Mega Man
These can unlock special stages based on stages from other video games.

Put in a save function.

I've played the game before & every time I lose all of my lives, I have to start all over at Green Hill Zone Act 1. Let's have a save function in the remake.

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