Top Ten Best Ideologies On the Political Spectrum In the USA

Which is the most popular ideology only a small sampling of my favorite.

The Top Ten

1 Libertarian Capitalism

Has never successfully been done. Nordic countries have the free market aspect perfect, but are struggling to maintain their social welfare. USA is the closest, but currently held back by the massive economic and regulatory strain of the government.

Small government only military for security, personal freedom and free unrestricted economy. Economy and businesses are governing forces. - Dyshpo

The big disadvantage is that it gives those who rise up to the top (often through dishonest or aristocratic means) too much power so they are free to use the workers to fuel their greed. - DieGedankenSindFrei

Conservatism by Dyshpo's definition has the weakness of being way too conformist, while social liberalism promotes illogical government policies. Choosing right-wing policies does not need to mean discouraging social change. Right-libertarianism combines cultural freedom with sensible economic (and sometimes even social) government policies. - romanempire249

The ideology that says screw poor people and that disregards reasonable measures to deal with market failure. - Y2K

2 Conservatism

All I know is in the last 25 years the rights went left quite a bit and yet, the left are so far left...they're not even on this planet

If only Dyshpo were right. Alas, modern conservatism is more focused on on denying climate change and trying to stop gay people from getting married than it is on balanced budgets and small government.

The ideology that doesn't focus on race at all but rather the content of ones character. Which is how it should be.

Man cannot change or control the climate or the Earth. We are NOT gods.

3 Social Democracy

The best ideology in my opinion. A mixed economy(Mix of Capitalism and Socialism) and social liberties are great. I mean the countries with best living conditions and happiest people(Nordic countries) practice Social Democracy. - DarkBoi-X

Actually works well. Almost all of the happiest countries countries in the world are social democarcies

Works only on an extremely small scale. Almost all of the "countries" who practice it are not only smaller than most US states, they are in fact smaller than large US counties. Sweden for example has fewer people than just Los Angeles County alone.

Just because it hasn't worked on the large scale doesn't mean it can't. - owlro188

Best countries in the world are all social democracies.

4 Liberalism

I agree with some liberal things such as gay marriage and marijuana legalization however I think they usually go too far for the sake of being "politically correct." - SammySpore

Small government, regulated economy, medium social safety net, liberal use of tax revenue, social changes happen fast. - Dyshpo

An ideology that has been ruined by Tumblr freaks


5 Classical Liberalism

The best liberalism, much better than SJW style liberalism. The people that believe that your gay neighbors can be married and have guns and smoke weed and basically the coolest people ever. - SoldierOfFortune

Classical liberalism is The Enlightenment Era ideology comprised of John Locke, Adam Smith, John Stewart Mill, Thomas Hobbes, and many more in the 1700’s that ultimately influenced (mostly by Locke) our Founding Fathers and inspired them to fight the American Revolution. It is the idea’s of the natural law theory and the social contract: laws of nature in which nature’s God entitled them and the natural rights derivative from those laws which are life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, property, and privacy; in which it is the job of the government to protect those rights and when any form of government becomes destructive of these ends it is the right and duty of the people to throw off such government and establish a new one (These ideas written in our declaration of independence had a huge impact on the actual document). Many of our founding Fathers like Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson, and Samuel Adams were undoubtedly Classical Liberals and even Libertarians (Like Milton ...more - sdoggys

It aight

6 Libertarian Socialism

Personal freedom as long as no one harmed with big government geared mainly towards public welfare. - Dyshpo

Liberation from the rulers, and from the bosses.


GOOGLE BOOKCHIN - SquirrelMonkey

7 Right Wing Populism

Yup oh my god like totally voting 🗳 for it venting to my governments liberal do not understand whatsoever

8 Democratic Socialism

Best ideology ever.-DarkBoi-X

9 Eco-Capitalism

It protects the environment.

10 Centrism

Should be higher than Fascism - DarkBoi-X

The only ideology I believe in. - OnlyInDreams

burn the fence down

The Contenders

11 National Socialism

Hitler was retarded but we never saw this ideology's full potential and I'm not saying we should exterminate migrants just deport them to a nation that will take them willingly

I agree with some of their policies but not about the jews. - SammySpore

Heil hitler

12 Monarchism

A king and his Subject should be the same relationship as a father to his son

Shod be numbr 1 all the others don't work as good as this 1.

13 Anarcho-Capitalism

State run by the one with most resources or wealth absolutely anything goes selling people or selling organs. - Dyshpo

This one is the best, next one being libertarian capitalism

Free the people. Free the market.

14 Libertarianism
15 Statism

Everything for government Big Brother is all, nothing before. - Dyshpo

16 Traditionalism

All matters of state have been set with precedent only the most senior get to lead no social changes except by act of God. - Dyshpo

Opposite of Marxism and postmodernism

17 Progressivism
18 Socialism

Very big and robust social safety net everyone pays 49% in taxes all industry is run and owned by labor. Classless no poor or rich just workers. - Dyshpo

United forever in friendship and labor.

Communism lite - SoldierOfFortune

19 Communism

Communism works and is positive for the progress of humanity. Unlike capitalism, it has not killed over 2 billion and Stalin was a fascist in red. Humans are not greedy by nature and an altruistic culture is all that is needed.

Communism is the only ideology that actually works guys, I mean come on! It's 2019. Common sense here people.

Everybody should be equal, capitalism is the richer gets richer while the poorer gets poorer. We vote for communism because humans shouldn't be selfish and we should remove this destructive nature

Wait, what about russia and china, two nations that were poor nations before and after revolution they became the worlds most important countries besides the US, who had developed for more than 100 years more than they did and who won against the US in the space race with the secound hand scientists?

20 Anarcho-Socialism

Only laws protect personhood and personal property, tiny government no borders everything is run by collective will. - Dyshpo

This is an oxymoron. Socialism requires bigger government. Far from anarchy - ryanrimmel

good meme

21 Political Humanitarianism
22 Anarcho-Primitivism
23 Social Liberalism
24 Mutualism
25 Liberal Internationalism
26 Anarchism

Black storms are reaching near our doors... Defend each other's will!

27 National Anarchism

I hate life

28 Totalitarianism

Everything is better than anarchy but totalitarian is nut suck. - TeamRocket747

Better than anarchy.

29 Individualist Anarchism
30 Marxism

Amazing work.

31 NazBol Gang

Best ideology gang gang

Yeet Nazbol gang gang. - DarkBoi-X

Basically a meme,

32 Resource-Based Economy

Applying scientific way of thinking to social problems.

33 ZPG

Zero Population Growth. Became unpopular when early dire predictions were too specific, and denounced by SJW's as "racist". Virtually every single major issue from Climate Change to widespread poverty to housing shortages would be solved with a slight downward population movement.

34 Anarcho-Communism
35 Fascism

No. An ideology based on Totalitarianism and Ultranationalism is awful. - DarkBoi-X

Fascism is good

Why is fascism a good thing? You damn warmonger, stop trying to make everyone on earth get cancer. - MChkflaguard_Yt

Is this a joke? Every time a fascist comes to power in a country, a lot of people end up dying.. a lot.

Is good become is an expansionist ideology

36 Minarchism
37 Anarcho-Naturism
38 Post Libertarianism
39 Neo-Reactionism
40 Anarcho-Fascism

The biggest oxymoron of them all. - SquirrelMonkey

41 Anarcho-Monarchism

How would this even work

42 Dictatorship
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