Top 10 Idiotic Ideas for a "How-To" Tutorial

This list is inspired by some lunatic tutorial maker called Alan

The Top Ten Idiotic Ideas for a "How-To" Tutorial

1 How to Make a Tutorial Video on How to Make a Tutorial Video on How to Make a Tutorial Video

Wow! What an educational and inspirational video! - TwilightKitsune

2 How to Not to Pick Up a Blue Chair Named "Percy"

Would it work on a black chair named Ben? - RoseWeasley

Never trusted that chair... - SirSkeletorThe3rd

That's lame - Ananya

3 How to Watch the Wind Rises Movie While Blood Comes Out from Your Eye
4 How to Put a Pencil on A Pencil Case

What about putting one IN a pencilcase? Wouldn't that be more practical? - PositronWildhawk

5 How to Not to Read this List

Easy. Don't go to the list. - Powerfulgirl10

6 How to Acknowledge That You Are a Flying Potato

Yo, me, the ass man, is THE Flying Potato!

Sounds like a Lennon song - waldo

7 How to Insert a Video Game Cartridge/CD in a Rock
8 How to Be a Justin Bieber Fan

1. Like JB.
2. Put up with idiots who harass you for having an opinion - RoseWeasley

Lose all your brain functions. I think that's the most effective way.

1. Slice your wrists
2. Get ebola
3. Congratulations, you are finally a Justin Beiber fan - TwilightKitsune

9 How to Hump a Polish Hooligan

Step 1: Find a Polish hooligan

Step 2: Start humping

Step 3: Run - PetSounds

10 How to Get Ebola While You Are Not Reading This

Okay. The Ebola jokes aren't funny. They cross the line. - Powerfulgirl10

Step One: Go to North-West Africa. - PositronWildhawk

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11 How to Make This TheTopTens List Worse

By voting this item I believe - waldo

12 How To Make Yourself Bleed

Stab yourself - Userguy44

13 How to Open a Door

No joke, this actually exists. Look it up for yourself.

14 How to Not Become the Next Hitler
15 How to Crap Yourself

Step 1. Eat a lot of spicy foods or beans.
Step 2. You need to poop.
Step 3. Make the poop slide out of your butt and into your pants. - Powerfulgirl10

16 How to Pet a Wild Lion
17 How to kill a computer

That's breaking down instead of kill dumbass - Ananya

1. Beat it down with a baseball bat, sledgehammer, or a pickaxe.
2. Slice kit in half with a chainsaw, axe, or machete.
3. Burn it with fire.
4. Dump a gallon of water on it.
5. Beat the living crap out omit by wrestling it.
6. Play Justin Bieber on it.
7. Make Buzz Lightyear melt the computer with his laser.
8. Blow it up.
9. Put it in a woodchopper or a paper shredder.
10. Stab the computer a million times with a pencil or knife. - Powerfulgirl10

18 How to Kill Yourself

Why does this exist? - Userguy44

19 How to Watch Television
20 How to spell the word 'it'
21 How to Read This Tutorial
22 How to Breathe
23 How to Change a Light Bulb
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