Top 10 Idiotic Reasons Why the USSR Collapsed

Farewell Lenin...seriously your work is doomed now
Jew I did nazi coming

The Top Ten

1 Lenin came back from the dead and kills the Soviet government
2 Brezhnev came back from the dead and kissed Honecker too hard
3 Gorbachev quickscopes the Soviet government
4 Reagan comes and handshakes with Gorbachev then USSR collapse
5 Borat comes and USSR collapse
6 Gorbachev danced Gangnam Style

The Gangnam Style dance wasn’t invented yet then. - JoeBoi

7 USSR collapse because of the Illuminati
8 Because it was Communist
9 McDonald’s launched in Soviet Union
10 Hitler came back from the dead and invaded the USSR

The Contenders

11 It was too big
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