Top Ten Idiotic Things to SMS

The Top Ten

1 Can you SMS me back?
2 Why are you reading this?
3 Can I ask you a question?

I'm guilty of this. Love every item on this rather bizarre but strangely entertaining list =D - Britgirl

Thanks for your always-kind sms-comment, Britgirl!
I think this question is a really funny paradox! If you say this, then you've already asked one question, so you should ask 'Can I ask two questions? ' but if you do that people will think you're nuts.
Interviewer : Can I ask you a question, young man?
Youth: You already asked one, sucker. - HezarioSeth

4 If you're reading this, that means my hippo survived.
5 Good night, darling. Hope you don't wake up.
6 Hey can your mobile number?
7 Why did you kill my BigMac?
8 Whatch doing? I'm currently farting. I'll call you when it's over.
9 Hello. Oops, wrong number. Bye.
10 By the way, hm.

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11 Hmmmmmmmmmmm
12 k
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