If the Samurai Pizza Cats Series Continued

The Creators Stated they have some ideas for new seasons and they wanted to do 10 seasons and make the show a little bit more darker.

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1 The Ten Movies
2 The Children of Nyanki Team and Allies
3 Carla (Okara) Finds Out that She's the Shogun's First Born Child

Okara was Shogun's first born and illegitimate child. Okara would keep this a secret to protect her family.

Okara throws Usa Hime out the window

Karamaru (Bad Bird/Good Bird) would have find this irony that he married a princess after all.

Usa Hime (Princess Vi) would become his half-sister-in-law. He became part of the royal family.

He would be confused; however, as long as he's not married to Usa Hime.

Interesting, Usa can't marry him because Okara is her half sister. Usa can't take anything that belongs to her sister and Usa would have lost her power so she has to obey the rules if she wants to stay as princess.

4 New Armors and Weapons
5 New Villains

I read that the creators wanted to have a movie of five cats that were meant to be the original team before Yattarō and the others; however, the five cats went bad.

the five cats would appear and attack the city

each member would fight KNT including Karamaru

Yattarō would have a single fight and won

Pururun would have a single fight and won

Karamaru would have a single fight and won

Guido would have a single fight and won

all four of the heroes would fight the strongest warrior cat

6 New Heroes
7 Ten Seasons of SPC (aka KNT Series)

I thinking about this show would have found interesting

8 Outer Space Adventures

This would have taken season 5 through 7

9 Mietoru (Bat Cat) and USA Hime (Princess Vi): USA Has a New Lover

I can see it now, Mietoru would have the same nightmare like Karamaru (Bad Bird) had. But it would be Mietoru's turn and this time, Mietoru and Usa Hime will have two children.

Karamaru would thank him for being Usa's new lover.

10 Two More KNT (SPC) Video Games

I wanted to have karamaru become a playable character

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11 Going to Each Character's Past (aka Background Characters)

There is a type O. what I meant to say background stories about the characters and their history and their past

I want an episode where characters were children before they become the heroes and villains of today

12 Evil Aliens and the Evil Armada from Outer Space Would Be the Main Villains for Seasons 5 through 7

The Nyanki Team, Karamaru, Okara, Otama, Omitsu, and their children are recruited by the alien heroes. They go to different Planets in outer space to battle evil and they meet other alien allies.

The children meet aliens and they would fall in love.

13 The Final Season's Ending, after the villains defeated, Yattarō and the others would retire and would pass torch to their children and grandchildren. The children and grandchildren would continue protecting the world and the universe from evil.

That would be a great way to end the series like that

14 The Grandchildren of Nyanki Team and Allies are Half Earthlings and Half Aliens from Parents

Be interesting to see

15 New Characters V 1 Comment
16 New Adventures
17 New Stories
18 The Grandchildren of Nyanki Team and Allies
19 Jerry Atric (Karasu Gennari Sai) Returns and Becomes Young

He would have been the secondary villain for seasons 2 and 3.

20 Yattarō's would train karamaru's children to be warriors while karamaru would train yattarō's children to be warriors
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