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1 Fancy Fancy

Love this song so much learned the whole song in 2 days of listening to it - Eden107

This Song Only Has 2 Cuss Words In It, But I Love Iggy's Rap And Charli Says A BAD Cuss Word But Other Than That I Like It But Not The Cussing

I want to shout out to her she has went from nothing to something

Everything about Iggy is just amazing. She is beautiful, a great rapper, has a nice body, and is the realist.

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2 Work Work

Unlike a lot of her other songs, this one tells about her life and the struggles she faced and it really pulls at your heart strings. Definitely her best song by far!

Laugh out loud! This song is so catchy.

This is the best Iggy song there's no doubt! It's so catchy and the lyrics is pure art.

Catchy and the lyrics is pure art.

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3 Black Widow Black Widow

In my opinion, this is the best Iggy Azalea song. It has a good beat that you can't help but dance to.

This is her best song in my opinion, even better than Fancy. One of the best songs of the year.

I Like Iggy's Rap Its Even Better Fancy But I Don't Like The Cussing

I love the rap. By the way, I'm twelve and I tried my best to rap like her, I'm making progress :).

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4 Bounce Bounce

I Love This Song But not the cussing

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5 Change Your Life Change Your Life

I love Iggy Azeala she is my favorite singer and I can rap to get music and I am only ten but started rapping when I was littler and I wish I was a rapper.

I'm The First One Who Wrote A Comment On This Song Wow! I LOVE This Song Even As Good As Black Widow But In This Song I Don't Like The Cuss Word T. I says a BAD BAD BAD BAD Word!

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6 Problem

Her rapping is good but the credits do go to Ariana Grande.

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7 Beg for It Beg for It

I like this song of her even more than fancy and I think it should be in the top of the list

Beg for it makes my life so much better. Love Iggy so much, she is spittin some awesome lyrics in this one. Love her and her music

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8 Team

Team is AWESOME. Plus she be looking' good in that music video. Love Iggy and all her music.

This song has potential. Not as good as Fancy or Work but definitely deserves to be #3

This is pretty good. And this is coming from a person who does NOT like Iggy Azalea. - 906389

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9 Trouble Trouble

This list shouldn't exist, but this was actually not bad. - WonkeyDude98

The singing girl has an amazing voice

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10 Walk the Line Walk the Line

The ONLY good so the BEST song by her! - Fan_of_Good_Music

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11 Azillion
12 My World

Come on she's hip hop queen!

13 Take My Pic V 1 Comment
14 Goddess Goddess

Goddess is amazing! I will bow down to Iggy any day.

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15 Impossible Is Nothing Impossible Is Nothing

Impossible is nothing changed my life and it is so special to me

Same, it inspires me everyday. And every time I listen to it.

16 F**K Love V 2 Comments
17 Iggy SZN Iggy SZN V 1 Comment
18 New Bitch New Bitch
19 Heavy Crown Heavy Crown V 1 Comment
20 P****

I'm not gonna lie this song gets me horny

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