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41 "an addled burnout" - about Ronnie James Dio

Laughable. The guy who wrote it is a metal hater and anonymous troll. I guess he confused Ozzy with Dio because this insightful statement was part of a comment on Heaven and Hell by Black Sabbath. He didn't even know this was a Dio song but bothered to comment. - Metal_Treasure

42 "Actually, according to Encyclopaedia Metallum, those bands aren't metal. You are not a metalhead if that is all you listen to." - about Korn, Slipknot, and Linkin Park

True - Du

This item wasn't added by me - the comment isn't absurd or ignorant. This comment wasn't written by me but I myself often write the first sentence which is accurate - yes, according to Encyclopaedia Metallum these bands aren't metal and I personally agree with that.
I wouldn't write the 2nd sentence although I think it's true, too, because it’s logical. - Metal_Treasure

43 "I have not listened to their songs [Death] but I have heard of the band. I am much more of a mainstream pop fangirl." - list description to a list this author made about the band Death

(list - Best Death Songs with Which to Shock Mainstream Pop Fans).
Shortly, the autor of this list had not listened to Death songs but made a list about them... No wonder she put Voice of the Soul at #2 - a soft instrumental that wouldn't shock anyone. - Metal_Treasure

44 Black Sabbath invented Progressive Metal with the album Sabotage
45 "Metal, and any form of it, it just garbage. The people who like this crap are just senseless humans, who have no taste in anything worth spending your time on!" - Excerpt from comment on Metal on Worst Music Genres list

The whole comment was too long to put here even though the entire thing is awful and quite inaccurate. - Element119

46 "Why is this only #7? Metal hurts my ears! Sure, pop is annoying, rap is unexplainable, country is boring, dubstep is just question marks whenever I hear it, emo is just a mess, and pornogrind is just crappy rock, but metal is the ABSOLUTE WORST!" - Comme

So right now I am hurting my ears with Wheel Of Time by Blind Guardian?! (sarcasm) - Metal_Treasure

47 "Metal is a bunch of nonsense. It's all just a bunch of useless screaming. Metal fans are a bunch of losers with mental problems who actually think this garbage takes talent to make."

So this person thinks if you like metal, you're a loser with mental problems, let alone the rest of this comment. This is one of the worst comments I've seen on this site. - Element119

I guess such things about metal are written by people who think that screamo and emo are metal when they aren't. Blood on the Dance Floor and similar aren't metal. - Metal_Treasure

48 "You're all wrong. He's the vocalist for Black Flag" - about bassist Dave Ellefson on the list "Best Metal Guitarists" David Warren "Dave" Ellefson is an American bassist and co-founding member of the American thrash metal band Megadeth from 1983-2002 and again from 2010-present.
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