IISuperwomanII Aka Lilly Singh Videos

Heard of iisuperwomanii right? That famous youtuber! Here are some not so famous videos which need to be known some day!

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1 How Girls Fight
2 Types of Fans

I love this video! Though it makes me think about how, if I meet IISuperwomanII, I would have everything prepared, I'd be all set, then I get up there and I forget everything - Icegirl119

I love this video, iisuperwomanii rocks

3 Types of Friends Part II

No dip! This one is perfect! - Icegirl119

4 My Relationship With My Phone


so true its like I can tot relate with lilly

5 How to Stop Parents from Comparing Kids
6 My Parents' Reaction to Someone I'm Dating
7 If My Brain Were a Person

I call this one, my IISuperwomanII discovery video. This was my first IISuperwomanII video EVER! Plus, now, I pretend my brain is Conner Franta. DON'T JUDGE ME! - Icegirl119

I love this video!
Iisuperwomanii sees phone.
Connor: Don't do it... DON'T DO IT!
Lily: I'm not going to!
*Lily is getting tempted to pick up the phone*
Lily: *picks up phone* hello (ow! ) - dARTHvADERGirl7

8 How I Write Tests
9 Types of Teacher

Yo sandra, yo sandra is my favourite part that is funny

10 Epic Valentine's Day Rap Battle

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11 50 Random Things About Me
12 How I Deal With Kids
13 Types of Annoying Girls
14 How Girls Get Ready
15 Why Birthdays Are Stressful

She is so relatable in this video. Its true my mom would go from Cuddly Kathy to cussing me real quick. Honestly this one should go at no.7

16 Every Argument With My Parents EVER!
17 Mom's Daily Morning Routine
18 The Difference Between Brown and White Girls
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