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21 Il Volovers Mundiales

Amazing page. Is very humble and support of Il Volo.

I love this girls. Amazing support.

Support of Il Volo everyday and everynight. The guys have a great talent and we love you.So proud for you.

Exelent page, full of good and actual information. Love them!

22 Fans Boricuas de Il Volo V 2 Comments
23 Il Volo news
24 Il Volo Mexico
25 Il Volo Canada
26 Il Volo Brasil
27 Il Volo Team France
28 Honduras Il Volo
29 Il Volo Lover Boston

All ways on top of the news great pictures and communicates with their followers...Great team!

V 1 Comment
30 IVELS V 1 Comment
31 Il Volo Página Fans Club
32 Team Il Volo Brasil
33 Il Volo One Soul
34 Ilvolomexicanlovers

Fan Page Dedicated To Italian group Il Volo, consisting of Piero Barone, Ignazio Boschetto & Gianluca Ginoble, the trio was formed in the fourth Italian program "Ti Lascio A Canzone" entered as soloists but the producer decided to put them together to sing "O Sole Mio "winner was Ginoble program, but from there decided to be a group, to which they put Il Volo and their music makes them fly.
We take care of mexico news and world with the help of our partner in this beautiful official club mexico

35 Ilvoloversboston
36 Il Volovers Boston
37 Il Volo Bolivia Fan Club Oficial
38 Honduras Il Volo Oficial

They are the best club fan ever, they are a big family that work a for the love of Il volo

39 Ilvolovers News
40 Il Volo Nicaragua Oficial

This is the official Fans Club in Nicaragua, recognized by Universal Music, including the guys.

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