Top 10 Illegal Things that People Do Anyway

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1 Not Record Under the Table Earnings When Filing Taxes

So you decided to sell things on eBay or Amazon. That's fine, but beware that you should record your income on your taxes. You could probably let that birthday money slide, but especially if you're a babysitter or mow lawns and earn money off of it, especially cash, it can add up quickly. And if you don't put it down on your taxes, the IRS might get suspicious.

Taxation is theft, and I don't want the government to steal from me when I'm an adult.

My sisters do that. I heard it's actually really important.

2 Eat Something Before Buying It

Some people may have a habit of testing their food before leaving. Just note that you're breaking the law every time. However as long as you pay for it, you shouldn't run into too much trouble if any. Eating a single grape may not get you into trouble, but say you chug a bottle of Dr Pepper or Sprite, then you might be in trouble.

If you're referring like at somewhere like a supermarket then I've never done that nor have I have ever seen anyone do that.

That's not illegal, though.

That isn't illegal I do that all the time and I never get in trouble

3 Use a Fake Username Online

Nope. This isn't illegal unless it's used to commit crimes! You can use a fake name as long as you aren't doing anything illegal with it

Merely using a fake name isn't illegal., It's only illegal if you're using it to pursue criminal activities

@CubsFan16 No, unless the fake names are used for fraud or scams. Using fake name alone doesn't make one a criminal

@Visitor Not quite. It's only illegal if the fake name is for illegal purposes

4 Play Poker with Friends

I'm pretty sure there's a limit right? Like 2,000 dollars or something like that

Oh well crap, I do this all the time.

5 Piggyback Public Wifi

Then why do McDonald's and Starbucks offer it to begin with?

6 Jaywalk

While the idea of walking to a crosswalk to cross the street when there's no traffic coming might seem silly, but crossing without being in the crosswalk could lead to a nice fine as high as $250 in places like New York City and Los Angeles. It's up to cities and states to make their own laws but yeah, don't do that.

In New Zealand, this is only illegal if you are fairly close to a pedestrian crossing or if you have a red light. Also, the fines are much lower. Personally, I don't agree with this rule at all. I think the driver should always be the one who takes responsibility.

I hate jaywalkers. Literally there will be a crosswalk 30 feet away and they just jaywalk.

This is more stupid than illegal.

7 Throw Away Old Cell Phones

I never do that. You're supposed to keep it or give it to a local phone store.

8 Sing Happy Birthday (Before 2016)

This was a thing? Wow.

9 Use Copyrighted Content

okay, even if I got copyrighted a lot on youtube, I still think sharing copyrighted content is illegal unless when you give credits to the owner.

So users are breaking the law by adding images to items?

10 Downloading from Torrent
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11 Share Passwords

Maybe you tried to save a friend who forgot their password by sharing your Netflix password with them…and in the process you broke the law. It's actually considered a federal crime to share your passwords for subscription services—not that you haven't already done it at least once.

I did in Club Penguin once, lost my account.

Wait, people still do this nowadays?

Never share your passwords folks.

12 Litter

This one is pretty understandable. If you're a decent person, you hopefully don't do this often, but maybe think about that next time you get ready to throw your empty cup and burger wrapper from McDonald's out of the car window.

Never. It's bad for the environment.

Littering is bad for the environment so obviously it's illegal

13 Scam People

Yup, Scamming is illegal

14 Swear in Public

Go to any Middle School, people probably broke this law at least 100 times a day.

15 Using Emulators to Play Games They Don't Own

I do it all the time, but most of the games I do that with aren't being sold anymore.

16 Smoking Outside Stores
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