Top 10 Most Illogical Things About God

I really have no idea why everyone worships God. Like, I don't at all because if God was real, then he's definitely someone you don't want to worship because he's an illogical concept, rife with contradiction. I don't know if a God doesn't exist, but I do know that the Abrahamic God doesn't exist because like I just said, he's omnihypocritical. Hopefully this list will show how illogical God truly is and how he isn't so real or loving after all.

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1 He Wasn't Born

I know God probably isn't happy right now, but REALLY! How did he come to life...or something?

From what we've been told, God wasn't born. That makes absolutely no sense at all. Where did he even come from? How does he exist? If he wasn't born then wouldn't that technically make him an atheist? - GodIsHell

2 He Burns People in Hell For All Eternity

How can a sick being enjoy heaven with people suffering in Hell? Why are the only two options eternal bliss or eternal torment? Wouldn't it be fair to have some kind of middle ground for people who aren't that bad? If God absolutely has to punish everyone then maybe he should have bad people experience all the wrongs they've ever done to others so that their punishment would end. - GodIsHell

Na God gives free will. He gives you a option to choose Heaven or Help. - 2storm

Stupid auto correct Hell not help. - 2storm

3 He's Genocidal

Seriously! Why does he always go with genocide? He flooded the earth and destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah, but none of those solved the problem of evil in any way so it's completely pointless. He really should think his plans through. - GodIsHell

4 He Doesn't Do Anything to Stop All the Evil in the World

Church will answer your questions buddy. - Not_A_Weeaboo

One thing we need to realize is our eternal life is more important not out our physical. As long as our heart is in the right place we'll be ok. - 2storm

It all wouldn't be so bad if God actually DID something about it! God give everyone freewill right? Well if God is real, then he cares more about a murderer's freedom to murder than he does for the lives of his victims.
And don't even bring up the argument of how diseases and accidents can make people stronger because if a little kid died from cancer then he'll never be stronger because of his tribulation, he'll die because of it. It's completely pointless.
Also don't even bring the argument of how God doesn't favor evil because the murderer burn in hell forever. Will that unmurder the victim? Will the torture of the victim's murderer make him feel better about being murdered? And what good will burning a person do? Maybe God should've just simply stopped him and helped him realize how bad murder is. Turn his zeal for evil into zeal for good. Maybe then he could be the one to prevent future murders. Now that would be a cool plan from a benevolent god. - GodIsHell

5 He Doesn't Reveal Himself to Us

Why didn't God provide some evidence or some reason for us to believe he exists? I mean really, what's the point in hiding? Wouldn't he have made more of an impression on his followers if he was real and present so that his words wouldn't have been altered, manipulated and corrupted through political editing and mistranslation?

And before you bring up the whole freewill argument, think about it this way. God concealed any hint of himself from any possible detection and he puts up a smokescreen in the form of an obvious, elegant and seemingly accurate natural explanation for everything he secretly did, but if we as humans didn't find his set of absolutely unbelievable myths convincing enough to discard reason and disregard everything we know about anything at all, then he was gonna punish forever on the crime of not being stupid enough to believe in possible nonsense for not good reason at all.

The lord works in mysterious ways? More like the lord works in delirious ways. - GodIsHell

6 He's Spaceless and Timeless

How can a timeless being make a decision when every decision requires at least two distinct temporal states? And how can a spaceless being be distinguishable from other identities without distance to separate them? - GodIsHell

7 He's Omniscient

Really huh? Is it even possible to be omniscient? I mean how can an being like God retain the countless gigabytes of information that would require to know everything? - GodIsHell

8 He's Free to Do What He Wants With Life Because He Created It

"He created life. He owns life so it makes sense that he would end it."

Why would that make sense though? Where's the logic in that? Also isn't the ownership of human beings called slavery? - GodIsHell

9 He Sacrificed His Son Jesus

John 3:16 "For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life." - 2storm

You all probably think this was the best thing he's ever done, but I honestly think it's one of the absolute worst and most illogical things he's ever done. I mean, what does sacrificing his son even have to do with forgiveness? Can't God just simply say that he forgives everyone? He really didn't need to put his son through all that just to forgive everyone.

And why do we even have to believe that Jesus died for our sins when there's no proof of him doing so? That would be easy for the people who knew Jesus personally but what about the billions of other people who've lived after biblical times? God should've just beamed the knowledge into our heads but he instead beamed it into the biblical authors' heads (showing that God is hypocritical because he wouldn't beam the knowledge into anyone's head). - GodIsHell

10 He's Omnibenevolent

Everyone is really starting to doubt that he is. I mean with all the unnecessary tragedies, evils and sufferings that have been going on throughout history, it's quite clear now that God isn't so loving after all. I mean God wants to be all good yet have enemies who rebel and try to defeat him! - GodIsHell

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11 We're Supposed to Love Him and Not the World

I'm not kidding. It literally says in the bible that we're supposed to love God more than the world itself.

"Do not love the world or anything in the world. If anyone loves the world, love for the Father is not in them."-John 2:15

If you ask me, this literally sounds like it's instant justification to hate the world, thereby burning down trees, littering, killing animals and doing all sorts of harm to our Mother Earth.

That is not what that verse means. It means if we love sin of the world and if we love the Earth more than God. - 2storm

12 He Ruined Job's Life
13 He Destroyed the Cities of Sodom and Gomorrah

Why did he have to go with genocide? I mean he did the same thing with the flood but that didn't solve the problem of evil either. - GodIsHell

14 He Flooded the Earth
15 He Has an Evil Arch Enemy Known as the Devil

Why does God need an enemy anyway? The Devil is gonna have absolutely no desire or reason to oppose an all powerful opponent that he can't possibly defeat, unless if God is gonna make an exception for him.

It also doesn't help that God is omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent. Because of all that, what reason would the Devil have to even attempt to oppose God? God would know Satan's plans before he does. Heck thanks to God's omnipresence, he'd even be there next to Satan and would know his plans against God. God would know the outcome of the plan before anything was attempted, he would know every possible scenario and every possible outcome and exactly what to do to stop him. - GodIsHell

16 He's Omnipresent
17 He's Omnipotent
18 He Has a Grand Plan But Gives Free Will For Everyone

God's plan + free will =...

Nope, doesn't add up I'm afraid.

And I've already stated this before but I'll say it again just in case people have forgotten. You all may know that everything that happens happens according to God's plan, which is ultimately good right? Honestly, that sounds like instant justification for murder. Think about it, if someone committed a murder right now, then that murder was necessarily part of God's plan because everything that happens, happens according to God's plan which supposed to be ultimately good. Besides, why does that matter? The murderer is just sending the person to an eternity with God. Also the murderer could just ask God for forgiveness and not be punished right? So if God exists, then not only is murder not wrong, then it's totally justifiable and morally inconsequential.

On the other hand, if there were no God, then murder is unjustifiable and highly consequential. How you may ask? Well the nonbeliever most likely also ...more - GodIsHell

19 He Killed All the Firstborn Sons of Egypt
20 He Remains Hidden to Test Us
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