Top Ten Imagine Dragons Songs That Sound Like They Could Be Nine Inch Nails Songs


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1 Bleeding Out

Sounds just like a modern version of NIN! It's dark, electronic, heavy, and pretty much everything you would expect from Nails. - AngryByrd

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2 Friction

The title of this song sums up how this song sounds. It's a noise fest! - AngryByrd

It has this jungley beat to it that reminds me of my favorite ape Donkey Kong and makes me wanna get up and dance along. It's just so edgy and you can really feel the friction pouring through the song.

3 Demons

It kind of sounds like a less dark version of Bleeding Out. - AngryByrd

4 Radioactive

This song needs to be matched up with NIN's Every Day Is Exactly The Same! - AngryByrd

5 Gold

Sikh relsn is best

This list has nothing to do with Sikhism whatever that is. This list is about Imagine Dragons not religion. - RiverClanRocks

6 I'm So Sorry
7 Amsterdam
8 On Top of the World

A little happy for NIN, but still, pretty electronically powerful! - AngryByrd

9 Tiptoe
10 Nothing Left to Say

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11 I Bet My Life
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