Most Immature Lists on TheTopTens

There are many immature lists on this website. Most of the items listed below are a few of the many immature lists of TheTopTens.

If you like any of the lists listed below, then I respect your opinion.

While this may be a terrible list, I still try my best (regardless of if you believe me or not).

The Top Ten

1 Top Ten Users of TheTopTens With the Stinkiest Farts

Yeah. This number 1 list shouldn't exist as it talks about people behind their backs. Thankfully, I'm not on that list, because then I would get really upset, and start crying. - PhilTheCorgi

This list is obviously made by an immature person who’s either 6 or 7. How disgusting? Plus, people under 13 should not have accounts on this site, and people are lying about their age? - JoeBoi

Stupid beyond belief, but fun to vote for your least favorite users on.

How do you even know their farts stink if you've never met them in person? - anonygirl

2 Top Ten Reasons to Hate Girls

Very sexist list. - Userguy44

I'm a girl, and that list offends me. - PhilTheCorgi

3 Top Ten Best Things About Toilets

We all know who made this 'best things about toilets ' and other crap like this.-Vestalis

Yeah. That user is really disgusting to be honest. Also, she sounds like an 8 year old for making all those lists about farts, poop, butts, toilets, etc. She should make lists that are related to puppy dogs, because dogs/puppies are cuter than that. - PhilTheCorgi

4 Top Ten Reasons to Hate Boys

Even though I'm a girl, I still find this list offensive. - anonygirl

5 Worst Countries

This one's racist, so it should be on this list. - PhilTheCorgi

Sounds like a racist list to me. - anonygirl

6 Top Ten Best Places to Poop

We all know that we ONLY poop in the toilet. Not on ridiculous objects, okay? I bet a 5 or 6 year old made this list. - JoeBoi

I bet a 3 year old made this list. - DarkBoi-X

When I was a 2 year old, it was my diaper. It is now the toilet.

Um...the toilet.

7 Top Ten Penis Shapes

Why was this list approved? What drugs were taken in the approval process? - Cyri

I wouldn't look at that list, because that's really gross. - PhilTheCorgi

So many fetish lists on the top tens. Ugh. What’s next? Girls you would love to see overweight? In diapers? God dammit! - JoeBoi

This list is sexual in nature. It wasn't intended to be humorous.

8 Top Ten Worst Things About Toilets
9 Top Ten Harry Potter Book Extracts Replacing The Word "Wand" With "Penis"

The funniest list here. - Cyri

That's disgusting. - PhilTheCorgi

It might be immature but it's funny as hell.

Who cares about immaturity when it's so funny? - kempokid

10 Top Ten Reasons Guys Are Stronger Than Girls

Technically, most men are physically stronger than most women, but it's sexist to say the same is true for all men & all women. - RoseWeasley

Again sexist. - Userguy44

NOT COOL! As a woman, I am deeply both disgusted and offended! 😡

The Contenders

11 Funniest Places to Pee

I peed on the floor when I was 2-4 yrs old. It was either because of a leaking diaper or potty training.

12 Top 10 Celebrities Whose Poop Probably Smells Good

Why does this list even exist?

13 Top Ten Reasons Why Caillou Is Better Than SpongeBob Squrepants and the Fairly Oddparents

How is Caillou great in any way? All he does is throw tantrums all the time. - JoeBoi

14 Top 10 Episodes That Should Be Created In Season 10 of SpongeBob SquarePants

I would not blame TopTenJackson, the creator of that list. Actually, it used to be a good list until trolls added inappropriate ideas to it.

There were definitely great ideas on that list, but most of the ideas (Sandy's Bathroom Emergency, Racist Sponge, SpaghettiBob MemePants, The Simpsons Come to Town, Different Way, Mario Pays a Visit, Squidward Abuse, and many others) are troll ideas. - anonygirl

15 Top Ten Alternate Metallica Song Titles with a Word Replaced with the Word "Farts"
16 Best Animated Television Series

How is this immature? - RoseWeasley

Disney's Hercules. Period.

1 word: brony - Neonco31

17 Top Ten Reasons to Hate Rebecca Black
18 Top 10 Movie Titles Replacing a Word with Butthole

Wow. That sounds really stupid. - PhilTheCorgi

19 Greatest Things Ever

This list isn't immature. - Userguy44

20 Best Places to Pee

When I was 2, I peed in my diapers. I now pee in the toilet.

21 Reasons Why Cats are Better Than Kylie Jenner

But it's true - RoseWeasley

22 Top 10 Celebrities Who Deserved to Die in 2018

I have made enough comments on this. Barely need to explain how immature and rude it is. - Bammer73

23 Top Ten Reasons Why Yokai Watch Sucks

That list is literally the most dumbest list ever. A salty pokemon must have made that list


24 Top Ten Reasons Why Donald Trump is Better Than Attack on Titan
25 Top Ten Reasons Why Kanye West is Better Than Avril Lavigne
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