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1 Chris-chan Chris-chan

I agree. I hate his guts and his ripoff characters, too. Sonic and Pokemon are much better than this creep.

He's currently 35 and he still plays with toys designed for people who are barely a third of his age. When someone buys one of his things from eBay, guess what he does? Spends it on more useless toys! - drdevil

I still can't believe he begs gullible people for money and squanders that on silly lumps of plastic as well. He's not once tried to get a job lately... - Entranced98

The guy deserves to kill himself, he's incredibly childish and has severe problems. - KennyRulz244444

He might actually kill himself when his mother Barb, and his dogs Clover and Snoopy finally die. - drdevil

What did the stars of two classic video game series do to deserve a butchering in the form of Chris-chan's unspeakably awful creation that is Sonichu? - Entranced98

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2 GoAnimate fans

These fans upload very unoriginal content - Unharmless

Someone should put Disney1994 on the list

95% of these idiotic fools are pretty much miniature Chris-Chans. Only they are TEN TIMES WORSE!

Most GoUsers(There are practically hundreds of them, by the way *Shudders*) are between the ages of 8 and 13, and get butthurt over EVERYTHING! They get upset when somebody has a DIFFERENT OPINION on their favorite character, they get offended when people bash Goanimate because it's such a bad idea of a software, and they even get upset when people make these "Fake VHS Openings" that they shouldn't even care about. I could go on and on about how this has been the #1 worst fanbase on the Internet in my opinion, but that would take hours. Just expect that when these people grow up, there's gonna be many, many Chris-Chans out there on the Internet...

I find it very upsetting that it had to end up this way. A site marketed as a simple animation tool turned a hub for grounded videos and rants that follow the same unconvincing plot line. I was once a part of the community... eventually I would grow out of it...

This video explains it all: v=CgpQV71hlHo

Yes, I linked people to the video twice. This needs more attention. - NickLancer

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3 Beliebers

Nah haters are more immature. From the age of 15 Justin was called a girl, bashed him because his voice hadn't broke and looked younger than 15. Anything (music, books, movies) targeted to the female gender is used as an insult than celebrated.

Justin Bieber sucks. That is a fact.

Well, I have a friend that's a Belieber, and she doesn't talk about Justin Beiber like other Beliebers do. Sure, she'll talk about him here and there, but not 24/7.

There are two different definitions of maturity: your age and your acts. Seriously, if I had a girlfriend (which I don't :( ), and if she loved Justin Bieber, I would be like "screw it." And continue to live my life without her, no sympathy, no apologies, no nothing, just me and my life.

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5 Homophobes

The Bible bashers, Jesus Freaks, Fundamental Christians, Bible Belt.

...need anyone explain? - naFrovivuS

6 Pedophiles Pedophiles
7 Mistystuffer

He just deactivated his account, he's gone! :D - SailorSedna

8 Sexist People
9 KaaLover
10 Anonymous

Just creepy... - Rachelneedscoffee

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? Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminists
? Tumblr Feminists

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11 People Who Draw Cartoon Porn

The crap that runs through some people's minds is awful. Fantasizing over a fictional character is something a therapist could help with. - naFrovivuS

Ruined childhood.

12 Undertale Fans

Why isn't this crappy fanbase at the top? They make porn, send death threats to anyone who hates it and will want to have sex with 2 DAMN SKELETONS! The puns are annoying as hell too.

They make Porn, they make death threats, they make people like xandermartin98 be what he is... They are monsters!

If you give the game any score lower than 10/10, they will murder you. Enough said.

When did I ever say anything about murdering anyone? Honestly. - xandermartin98

I only voted to say. Do you even internet. No matter what fandom you look at there will be porn. I doubt a lot of them would murder you. Maybe the ones you've come across but I wouldn't and I don't know any one that would. I don't think you should assume things from one person or a few. Just saying'.

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13 "Classic" Sonic fans who complain about how "Modern" Sonic looks

Why? Because his eyes are green? - Goatworlds

Can we shorten this to Sonic fans? - naFrovivuS

Classic fan: Oh his eyes r green now that means they sucks
Me: um what?
Classic: and he's skinny now
Me: well what did you think? Running at the speed of sound for like 20 years, how can you be fat?
Classic: herp Derp
Me: can you just like go now?

14 03bgood
15 Rabid Haters
16 Nostalgists

History is fun, exciting, we love memories but stop being so obsessed about your childhood (90's kids, people who accept that they are a 00's kid and in the future 10's kids) no one can turn back time, and the 90's was not super perfect all decades have terrible days.

Yes, yes, my favorite bands are Pink Floyd, Rush, Dream Theater, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, The Animals, etc., and I do hate lots of newly released songs, but I'm not riding people's asses on how good life was back then. I'd kill to go back to a time where I wasn't born yet, but then there'd be lots of bad stuff going on we still deal with now. - naFrovivuS

Listen, I know you might think 2000 is the "worst generation in history", but accept that you can't turn back time. Hey, sometimes I get nostalgic about things, but it's over. The future might even get better, and back then wasn't perfect. We have more rights now than we ever did. 2000 isn't amazing, but was the 9000s the best century there was/ever will be? I doubt it.

They whine about how Adventure time,90's cartoons, Steven Universe and shows like that are better shows than TTG, Oh, and don't touch there NES or N64 because if you like Minecraft or roblox you be hated and if you like TTG or Sanjay and Craig or other awesome shows you will be called an 10 year old kid. Plus,90's cartoons suck, they are boring.

17 Undertale Haters

Honestly, they're the one thing more immature than Nintendo haters (unless you count the ones who merely hate Nintendo itself rather than its games, which would actually make sense.)

For one thing, Undertale is BY FAR the greatest game in the entire indie genre so far; hell, even by the standards of AAA games, this game is just magnificent on so many levels.

For another...well, most of these haters have never even played the game or are just extremely stupid and/or trolling (Gligar13vids, we're looking at you).

Case in point: if you're a fan of Earthbound, then there is seriously no excuse NOT to do yourself a favor and play this game. - xandermartin98

I agree. Can't say you hate it if you haven't tried playing it.

I played Earthbound, I played Mother 3, I played Undertale, and yet, I couldn't like Undertale in any way possible!

I mean, y'know the fandom might be terrible, but its not like you have to hate on the game ;-;

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18 Steven Universe Fans

I am a fan but most of these fans are the most rude, disgusting, and mean people I've ever met plus they made a girl nearly kill herself because she drew one of the characters too skinny. - PrincessKiana

It's not just the fans I hate. It's the show as a whole. Adventure Time's legendary storyboard artist/songwriter left to work on Steven Universe. Ever since then, Adventure Time has been rotting away, and it lost most of its charm. See, it's DIRECTLY RESPONSIBLE for Adventure Time's declining quality. - Goatworlds

Not all SU fans are bad and send death threats I'm a fan of SU and I am not like that - Iamcool

The guy from the undertale one said : They make Porn, they make death threats, they make people like Zamii070 be what she is... They are monsters!
i think this should be put in this

19 Bronies

Bronies Can Be Immature Sometimes But Not All The Time.

So? Even a 16 year old boy on TheTopTens likes The Powerpuff Girls - Neonco31

Bronies are just those pedophiles who act like whiny 4 year olds and watch girly crap.

Adults liking a T.V. show 4 little girls - GriffinDoge

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