Top Ten Most Immature People and Groups On the Internet


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41 Rosalina Fans

They're better than haters

Haters are much worse - yunafreya648

42 "Born in Wrong Generation" kids

These kids should be listening to Justin Bieber, not the Beatles. They have no right to like something that was 50 years ago.

Though I agree that people should move on instead of clinging to the past, I disagree that people lack rights to like something because it's not in the present. Also, Justin Beiber isn't the only alternative. You can't force someone to be interested in something else because you like it. People can listen to whatever the heck they like, thank you very much. - Emberflight_of_StormClan

43 Tumblr special snowflakes
44 Twenty One Pilots Fans
45 The Pooh's Adventures community

They're downright immature for their age and won't accept even the slightest of constructive criticism.

46 Rabid Shadow the Hedgehog fans

They're the reason why poor Tails and Knuckles can't be more popular these days.

47 Nickelodeon Haters

The hate for Nickelodeon is justified.

"Nickelodeon has no good shows."
Uhm... *points at pre-movie spongebob, rugrats, jimmy neutron, catdog, avatar, invader zim, etc.* - BlueBobYT

48 Xenites
49 Anti Bronies

Even though bronies like watching a little girls/family show, the ironic fact is anti-bronies really are more immature, clownish, selfish and whiny, and dumb than bronies are. - SailorSedna

People should just stop hating on people who like what they hate.

Remove this. Bronies suck - GriffinDoge

Bring Haters Are TERIBLE! Leave The Bronies Alone! 😬

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50 WWE Fans
51 Pokemon Fans
52 Super Smash Bros. Fans
53 Feminists

Except for books, music, movies targeted to female gender is used as an insult than celebrated.

54 Pokemon Go haters

Its just a game and many Pokemon fans had actually wished Pokemon existed, just like Harry Potter fans wish they could get a Hogwarts letter.

55 Smosh
56 TheMysteriousMrEnter
57 A-Logs
58 Sailor Moon Crystal Fans/Pride Side

Where do I even start with this pathetic group? They are basically the next Go! Animate fanbase. As if Sailor Moon Crystal wasn't an extremely mediocre, below average anime enough (horrible first two seasons and decent but mediocre third season) overall, far from being the modern Sailor Moon that fans deserved, it ended up splitting the Sailor Moon fandom and spawning basically the worst fanbase in all of anime from what I've seen, not even Dragon Ball's or Naruto's are bad as this. They are immature elitist fanbrats mostly round about 18-23 years old or older, but if you even state opinions and thoughts that Crystal is bad in terms of animation, writing, and characters, that the original anime was better, that the manga wasn't that great, that being closer to the manga isn't necessarily better, or even offer legitimate criticism and valid points, they will rage like childish 2-9 year olds children who will go butthurt and rage at you, harass you, block you, flag you, make false, ...more - SailorSedna

59 MLP fans
60 Anthony LoGatto
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